New Zealand Commentators Always Get Trump Wrong

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By Olivia Pierson

From the time that Donald J Trump announced his serious intention to run for president in 2015 the world watched America's legacy media slide into the most vehemently mocking hate campaign toward one man that I've ever witnessed. It made 'Bush Derangement Syndrome’ during the Iraq war suddenly pale into something more akin to a combative flirtation with their president.

With Trump, unrelenting media malevolence set a tone for mindless hyperbole that may have hit its peak when a CNN commentator frothed that President Trump was Hitler, Stalin and Mao rolled into one.

Perhaps because New Zealand seems so trapped in its little identity of being just a follower nation that our media 99.9% parroted the anti-Trump hatred the U.S media sprayed out. Here, there were only a tiny handful of exceptions who were impervious to such second-hand, unthinking lock-step - myself, Lindsay Perigo, Cam Slater and later, Leighton Smith.

Because it became abundantly clear that no NZ media could be relied upon for anything close to the truth about what was really happening in the American presidency, I spent the next five years writing extensively on my blog and for the BFD about the administration’s remarkable achievements.

It was difficult to keep up with Trump as he set about implementing his America First agenda to great effect. Even Trump's foreign policy, eventually handed to top diplomat Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, was comprehensive and clear: Principled Realism - "You have to stare at the problem set as it is, not as you wish it were to be.” To the heart of the European Union in Brussels, Pompeo stated, “We are acting to preserve, protect and advance an open, just, transparent and free world of sovereign states. This project will require actual, not pretend, restoration of the liberal order among nations. It will require an assertive America and leadership from not only my country but of democracies around the world.”

- National sovereignty was elevated as a national virtue again in contrast to nation-crushing globalism, especially regarding insane climate change policies which prompted Trump to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accords. Lucky them.

- ISIS was smashed back to the dark ages where it belongs, its psychopathic heads were hunted down by dogs and eliminated much to Trump’s pleasure (“he was a beautiful dog, a talented dog”). No new wars were created, wars already in operation were massively de-escalated and the Kurds of northern Syria were not genocided as predicted by a breathless global media. Trump and Pompeo were cautiously withdrawing from Afghanistan, fully conscious they also had allies to consider and assist, such as the UK & France. We have now borne witness to what happened under Biden - tragic chaotic hell. Traditional allies were abandoned without so much as a Dear John letter.

- A large measure of control was exerted over the southern border, along with the beginnings of the new wall, stemming the eye-watering illegal immigration flows of people, drugs and money - money made off vulnerable human capital by subhuman drug cartels, people smugglers and rapacious coyotes. This is a well-used corridor for Middle Eastern terrorists to wash in, who use every which way to inhabit the States. If there’s a weakness in the system, they’ll exploit it, they’re on a mission from Allah. Nobody is shocked they got to Salman Rushdie this week in New York, but we remain utterly revolted at the evil committed against such a gentleman.

- Working class & middle class Americans, especially black Americans, truly thrived for the first time in decades under improved economic conditions: tax cuts, opportunity zones for entrepreneurship plus new manufacturing, higher wages and school choice.

- Federal prison reform was enacted, immediately ending incarcerated women literally giving birth while chained to a bed, most of them black women.

- The historic Abraham Accords were signed, mandating Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to normalise relations, including trade, while Muslim Kosovo and Eastern Orthodox Serbia opened embassies in Jerusalem as well as in each other’s countries, after centuries of hate and sectarian violence.

- Perhaps the most monumental achievement under Trump’s administration was his making America not only energy independent, but also the world’s largest energy exporter: gas, oil and coal. Under Trump, gas at the pump hit the low of $1.77 cents per gallon, averaging $2.39.

Now that’s a president.

All these Trump administration feats of substance were achieved while Democrats could only repair to spinning webs of sickly lies and sticky, false narratives in full collusion with a sycophantic media, only the odd show on Fox News sometimes aiming to be objective. Yet Trump ploughed on in the midst of the sinister, China-released Covid crisis (Fauci’s complicity with Wuhan Institute of Virology using gain of function cannot seriously be denied anymore).

We were delivered these media-fuelled psychodramas:

Spygate Inspector General Horowitz confirmed the FBI abused its power

Russiagate the Mueller Special Counsel concluded “no Russia collusion.”

Covid Crisis China-Fauci-pharmaceutical skullduggery

Widespread BLM riots ANTIFA, financed by Dem-Left NGOs (Soros)

Impeachment#1 Trump acquitted

Planned election fraud ‘gaming out’ a Trump loss, financed by the Dem-Left

Stolen election legally ignored despite the votes of 3 Supreme Court Justices

Impeachment#2 “Incitement of Insurrection” re Jan 6th. Trump acquitted

January 6th show trials no rebuttal permitted, hence “show” trial.

Now we have the despicable high drama FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago pretending that Trump is a criminal… again. They’re quaking in their boots over another Trump run in 2024, so the Stalinesque tactics have deepened - "Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime."

Whatever documents Trump has in his keeping are important. He possesses the highest security clearance level in the country, along with other former presidents. It’s eating the Democrats and intelligence agencies; they can’t have him assassinated, it would be too obvious, plus then there’s the bother of being responsible for igniting a civil war, but you know they want to. Manufacturing another “crime” is repairing to their dirty way of life. It’s not competitive, it’s malevolent and screams Hillary Clinton. You think she might like to run for president again? Biden has dementia, Kamala is a fake, cackling hyena with not a whit, nor wit of substance (similar to Jacinda Ardern in a larger pond). The Dem-Left talent pool is empty. The only person close to a person of substance they had in their ranks was congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, but they smeared her also as a “Russian agent.” Yawn.

Trump is the lodestar of the resistance - and always was.

Any commentator who still gives us knee-jerk, negative Trump derangement as soon as his name gets mentioned is not worth a sausage, either in America or New Zealand, even if they do refer to themselves as “the resistance.”

Trump already saved America once - if you think Biden’s 2nd year is ghastly (it is), just consider that we could be sitting here watching the 6th year of a Hillary Clinton administration unfolding. Shudder.

President Trump is the last hot flame of Boomer glitz and liberty culture without the booze, drugs and Woodstock - a White Anglo Saxon Protestant on stilts and a man who seriously loves the country of his flourishing. He was a magnificent bastard as president and his achievements clearly showed us that.

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