Of Roads and Women - a Message to the National Party.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sat, 2023-04-01 22:47

By Mark Hubbard

My comment to Stuart Smith's free speech article up on the BFD: Stuart is the National MP for Kaikoura, which includes Marlborough, and I'm not best pleased. Albeit right now, as with so many of our friends, we are 'over' New Zealand: there is so much wrong.

Stuart if you don't agree with Kellie-Jay's transgender views, then you don't agree with women's rights and you agree with the erasure of women.

There's no compromise here. Trans-women(men) have all the rights the rest of us have, but like Maori they want more rights. In the case of co-Tribal Totalitarianism-governance that's the end of our Westminster democracy, and in the lunatic gender ideology war, that's the erasure of women, adult human females, and biological men - sorry to be profane - with their dicks swinging around in women's toilets, and in front of your daughters in the changing rooms. And it's dangerous for women, go look at the stats on sexual offenses by this group, the real ones, not the stream of lies put out my Marama Davidson who is the most toxic person in our politick today.

How absurd you all have to tow the line in that asylum in Wellington on straight out reality denial (which always ends uncivilly as at #LetWomenSpeakAuckland). You know the Voltaire quote: those who believe in absurdity enable atrocity [and it is atrocious what's happened to civil society in New Zealand].

So don't be a typical National party willy wonker on this issue like you are with our Marlborough Sounds Roads - yes, it's Mark Hubbard, Moetapu Bay Road, you know me well - where you will not represent we residents on ruined roads for over 22 months now and you agree with the lunatic consultancy that has us all trapped here in houses we can't sell without huge discounts because we can't guarantee the public road access we all built our houses for will be there in the future (140 houses on just my road, and I'm talking the whole of Marlborough). We're over it totally: Stantec NZ's report doesn't even go to Waka-Catastrophe until at least June, meaning we won't even know if our road/s are to be fixed until let's face it next year. That will be three years with our lives on hold on dangerous roads facing ruination in your damned electorate not for our roads, again, to be fixed, but just to find if they will be fixed - how is that acceptable? ... And crickets from you.

Gah! I'm hoping this election sees both Labour and National cleaned out: you're both a woke elite and are the problem.