The Hatred of Objectivism is the Hatred of objectivity.

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Submitted by Victor Pross on Mon, 2006-06-12 02:18

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No, not at all. I'm happy you said that.

Hello Victor

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I hope you don’t mind the compliment, but that was very well done!
And remember I am the other "MARK"

[Somewhere Ayn Rand wrote

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[Somewhere Ayn Rand wrote that all evil philosophies are systems of rationalization. The behavior of today’s intellectuals is proof. Skepticism and subjectivism is the ultimate recourse of evasion.] Victor.

I think this is the key to objectivism hatred - it unsettles their rationalizations. They have been well constructed to conceal darker motives (ultimately from the self) and rational debate just slices right through leaving them naked and not so easy on the eye. Hell, they have to hate it!


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I agree with your theme there, Victor. Ayn Rand's ideas make most people terribly uncomfortable. Sometimes it's hatred and sometimes it's just discomfort. Hatred is a kind of "no turning back" position whereas discomfort might lead to a person having a serious look at Rand's ideas a bit later on.

It's only the honest ones that matter.

Anyhow, you put it very well there that it is (often) a hatred of objectivity itself that sends these intellectuals squirming. They simply will not go there. They will do all they can to wriggle away from reality.


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Alright, sorry about that. I hope you enjoyed it nevertheless.


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Please don't put a line of dashes (or similar) in your posts. It's not necessary and it forces the article width to be as wide as your line of dashes is long. Putting too many dashes can make left-right scrolling a requirement and that is very annoying.


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A further note on this post:

Observe that the anti-Objectivism idea of “winning an argument” is by parading a bundle of—usually taken out of context---facts, and then couching them in with embellishments so as to “package-deal” the entire presentation as “the whole facts.” They prance about pretending to be lovers of truth, justice and the objectivist way. But it’s a lie.

Also observe what they take as evidence at having “won” an argument: silence on part of the other person or—if in person—a stammering or a surrendering of the other person. Mind you, this surrender could be nothing more than to simply shut the subjectivist up----but the subjectivist takes it as a victory. And "victory" here does not mean apprehending a truth, but bullying someone. Oh, can you feel the power!!

It’s not justice and facts he’s after. It’s “agreement” that they want--however obtained! This is the power that pumps their emasculated egos. When a subjectivist says that it's an 'ego thing' you can take him at his word (providing, of course, you understand his use of the word).

Victor: Objectivist--writer--artist--nice guy

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