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Submitted by Landon Erp on Mon, 2006-06-12 22:27

I don't know if any of you here have read this but there's been an interesting development in DC comics recently.

In all their publications they just finished a big mega crossover and immediately after finishing it pushed all the company's books one year forward. The premise is that for one whole year Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were totally MIA and the aftermath.

One series entitled 52 (as in weeks in one year) is being published in Real time and filling in the gaps. A good reason for Objectivists to check this out is Steve Ditko's Question is getting a lot of face(less) time, he's hevily involved in a storyline with lesbian police officer Rene Montoya.

This is a good segue into why I posted this in Solo homo. The Question is working to fill the gap left by the missing Batman, But a former lover of Montoya is taking the more direct route. A woman named Betty Kane has taken over as the new Batwoman. And you heard it correctly folks, she's a lesbian.

Why I gave this post the title "Irony" is this. Most people are probably at least slightly familiar with the main Bat family characters (Batman, Robin, Comisioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara Gordon, Batgirl). The truth is Barbara is the second Batgirl. After the publication by child psychologist Fredrich Werthem, the book "Seduction of the Innocent" took the comics industry by storm. There were congressional hearings on all the elements in comics which needed censored to protect children.

Back on point, one of the major references in the book was on the "obvious homo-erotic undertones in the relationship between Batman and Robin." The hearings and new "comics code authority" which gave comics a "g" rating setting them as worthy of being displayed on public newsstands drove many publishers out of business (Most notably horror and crime publisher EC comics), but left DC comics mostly unscathed. However to counteract the statments in the book they rushed into creation two new characters in the bat family who would work alongside Batman and Robin. These characters were Betty Kane and her older aunt Kathy, the original Batgirl and Batwoman. These characters were primarily created for one reason alone. Betty served as a love interest for the young Robin, meanwhile Batwoman served as Batman's love interest... THUS PROVING THE HETEROSEXUALITY OF BATMAN AND ROBIN!!!

In 5 decades the transition from Batman's beard to a full on out of the closet lesbian is complete.


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I did have a point though, dammit.

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Yes Chris I said lesbian. Lesbians in police uniforms and also tight spandex with knee-high high heeled boots.

I did have a point though, dammit.


Inking is sexy.

<sniff, sniff>

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Did someone say lesbian?


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Victor: Objectivist--writer--artist--nice guy

Holy skirt chaser, you're right! Eye

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