QUANTUM PHYSICS: Objective or Subjective Universe?

Victor Pross...

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was eliminated due to his penchant for plagiarism.

I can't see the text...

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Is that right??

I didn't. The great

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I didn't. The great philosophers/scientists have done the hardest work.

Subject Objetivism

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Congratulations Victor a most enlightening little piece that made a lot of sense and made sense of a lot.To put in my terms you say science Hasn't found god yet?and the subject the individual imagines what is real but reality remains the same.How would you reduce that down to a short digestable statement,Reality is the facts.?

Thanks, Adam. Done.(Gee, I

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Thanks, Adam. Done.

(Gee, I feel like such a dumb-ass).


Still missing from list

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As I wrote, it is likely that "existence is identity" - still missing from your list - will prove important to eventual completion of QM and its integration with the rest of knowledge. The full list is:

Existence exists.
Existence is identity.
Consciousness exists.
Consciousness is identification.

Whoops. Corrected.

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Whoops. Corrected.

A slight error

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The third item in your list of key tenets of Objectivism currently reads "Consciousness is identity". Shouldn't that be "Existence is identity"? Rand wrote that "Consciousness is identification."


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Oh, there is so much that could be said on this matter and with Objectivist epistemology...such as the complexity theory and emergence. The whole concern of scientific realism hinges on the ontic/epistemic divide with respect to reduction, bringing us back to the mind-body problem...further complicating the reductionism issue is the question of direct vs. indirect realism! (Oh, don't get me started!)

Anyway, this is all very interesting to me...and Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology is a book I have ear-marked and underscored to death along with my books on pyhsics. Damn interesting stuff.


Completing QM

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I suspect that the reason QM is unfinished is that physics and informatics are separate disciplines, and people trained as physicists fail to account for information - and for situations in which information is extracted by measurement from a physical system - because they just don't think of information as real in the same sense that mattergy is real. Objectivist ontology (existence is identity; information, having identity, is just as real as any other thing out there) could be very useful here. Unfortunately, even physicists who self-identify as "Objectivists" often fail to notice this, and confine their application of Objectivism in physics to criticism of current interpretations, instead of going out there and integrating QM with information theory (and relativity etc.)

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