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Submitted by Victor Pross on Fri, 2006-06-16 08:02

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I used to enjoy the like's of monty python and the goons etc but for me the joke's worn thin and I'm just bitter and twisted now.Subtlety they say is lost on the masses and I think this is why we never seem to get anywhere with the new understanding banging up against the old boys network.Yes we can make it funny and entertain ourselves with intelligent and clever humour.I find I don't need to make a joke out of religion it is a joke already and you just have to take a close look at any aspect of fundementalism and you will find mind numbing madness that either makes you laugh,or cry,I find even those who think that time had a beggining to be hilarious,it's amazing how intelligence is not allways wise.I think it was Hawkins who sugested that eventualy as the universe stops expanding time will slow down and stop and as the matter of the universe beggins to retract so time will go backwards,now thats funny,insane but funny.


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In addition to your feed-back, let me know who your fave witty writers are...and comedians of depth are.

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