Force people to think

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Submitted by Rex Wilkinson on Sun, 2006-06-18 18:19

Lets just clear this up now,I don't want the government to force people to believe atheism.I want the government to stop forcing religion on us.Surely you can all see that we live in a society that has religion on every station every corner and every town in NZ.We are constantly being brainwashed by government funded religion.I don' like having religion forced on me.I would much rather sit back and enjoy the company of atheists.So it's not about making people see atheism as the way it's about creating an equal playing feild.I don' believe religion will survive as strong without government backing.I want to get the government to stop funding madness.To acknowledge reality,to get real and tell the truth.We are constantly being decieved by such displays as Helens team not putting their hands on the bible,because we all know the government supports religion and that little game was to trick the atheists into voteing for them

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