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Submitted by Tenyamc on Mon, 2006-06-19 04:16

The Death Penalty..to some, a CAPITAL idea, to others, it's murder...it's something that has divided libertarians since the word was created. Hopefully this topic will divide our group next Tuesday, June 20th at the home of Jack McHugh. Social Hour (just to KILL time) will begin at 6, and the meeting will start around 7:15. Please bring a LAST MEAL, oops I mean snacks and/or drinks if possible, and lets EXECUTE some fine philosophical discussion. At the heart of this discussion will be the concept of justice vs. the divinity of human life, even that of a convicted murderer. If you have some valuable reading material or something to share that would add greatly, bring it! Hope to see you there!

SOLO mail me for directions.

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Landon, I would love to meet you and have you join us at a meeting. At this point we are meeting the 3rd Tuesday of each month in Lansing. Let me know when to expect you.

a question

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Sounds like it would have been interesting. I've never had much luck getting anything going here in Indiana but my fiancee has some family in Michigan and she's said that at some point she might be up for making the trek.

Would I be geographically disqualified if I said I might want to check a meeting out?


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I've now forgotten how many

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I've now forgotten how many people attended the meeting. It was around 15. All but 2 were in favor of the death penalty IN THEORY, but most were more concerned with the process from discovery of the crime through moment of execution. The concerns were about accurately identifying the perpetrater and also the effect the very long process has on any general deterrence.

The 2 dissenters were not strenuously against, rather they were more undecided.

I agree with Landon. When people behave like rabid dogs, we need to have a mechanism by which we can have them put down.

Ted Bundy

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I'm a supporter because... Well I just straight read too many books on serial killers not to be.


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Rand, if my memory is correct, opposed the death penalty. I am opposed too.

The pro-death penalty supporters in libertarian circles are, in my experience, a small minority.

One notable supporter of the death penalty is TOC's (or rather Atlas Society's) Bob Bidinotto.

Uggghhhh!!! I should have

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Uggghhhh!!! I should have run this by you first, Ross. We could have saved it for Halloween.
Ah, well, if you can get here in time for the meeting, I'm sure I can find a comfortable place for you to rest in pieces. Um, I mean, PEACE.

Nice, macabre post, Tenya.

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Nice, macabre post, Tenya. Sounds like Halloween Smiling

I'd enjoy a report. And I'd enjoy being in Michigan right now. Man, it's cold this winter Sad A discussion on the electric chair may SPARK me up Smiling

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