Jeanete Wilson medium or overcooked?

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Submitted by Rex Wilkinson on Wed, 2006-06-28 14:41

A typical night of TV last night.Holmes was interviewing Jeanete Wilson and boy is she overcooked,brains fried,she doesn't only hear voices she hears many voices at the same time shouting at her.The womwn is stark raving mad and this is what we get for intellectual stimulation from the TV in this country.I had great hopes for Prime and they have had a few good ones like Pen and Teller and John Safron verses god but allso dish out the usual crap on the weekend and have religious propaganda being shoved at us every week.And the kareoki queen that followed was too much for me.She reminded me of one of those American Idol contestants who REALY can't sing but seem to have no idea that they are so horribly bad.I gues knowledge is the same.People wonder round thinking their fundementalism is so clever!

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I wonder how many atheist programmes are censored and we never know.It seems any amount of superstition is ok by the chief censor,Bill Hastings I think,and we have a lot of swearing and violence on the tv but there is a noticable absense of atheist themes.We could assume that nobody makes atheist programmes but we know they do.James Burk's the Mind was great,and Carl Sagan was another of my favourites but they aren't there anymore.We don't have much in the way of knowledge on the tv.It's almost as though they are trying to avoid knowledge and feed us on a diet of fantasy bullshit just to keep us away from real knowledge.

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