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Submitted by Jason Quintana on Thu, 2006-06-29 05:54

Some of you have mentioned in the last couple of weeks that you would like to see some pictures from my trip to China. Ross was nice enough to explain to me how to do it here on the forums. So here are a few of the photos I took.

Here is the newer section of Shanghai across the river. You can see the Oriental Pearl Tower, which has become the city's most famous landmark. Right behind me is the bulk of the city and in many ways it is an even more impressive site. At night this location is one of the most spectacular scenes I have ever seen. In all directions it is like a twist between Las Vegas and NYC. Massive sky scrapers crammed together, with all sorts of outragous lights. In some cases there are video ads playing on the side of the larger skyscrapers.

More Shanghai.

One of the many crowded spots in Shanghai.

This is Nanjing Road, a large and very crowded shopping strip in Shanghai.

Eating Dumplings.

A spot at one of the many Buddhist temples I had to visit.

The famous Terracotta Warriors. These were found and are located a couple of hours outside of the city of Xian, which is in the middle of China.

More of the Warriors.

In Beijing -- The famous Temple of Heaven.

This is Tiananmen, which is on the north side of Tiananmen Square. To the south is the "Chairman Mao Memorial" which contains Mao's mummified body. To be polite to my hosts I went in and looked at it though I didn't really want to. Quite a grotesque scene. His face is now a yellowish color. To the east of Tiananmen is the "Great Hall of the People." Which is the main government building.

Me (looking a bit irritated) inside of the main section of the "Great Hall of the People". I'm not sure I should post this one. Someone could use this to accuse me of being a commie sympathist Smiling Interestingly, during my whole trip Tiananmen Square was the only place that I saw overt communist symbolism and glorification. Surrounding Tiananmen Square to the south, east and west are a bunch of McDonalds, KFCs (HUGE in China), Starbucks, large shopping malls and big billboard advertisements by Nike, Toyota, Sony, etc etc.

This is inside of the Forbidden City, the main tourist destination in Beijing.

Up on the Great Wall with my friend Luping's son Roger (my constant companion for most of the trip).

When I was in Xian and Beijing I was with Chinese tour groups. Very few of them spoke English but they were always very pleasant to be around. This is part of the group I was with in Bejing along with me, my friend Luping, her mother and Roger.

This is inside of Luping's brother's apartment back in Shanghai. My friend Luping is sitting second from the left. Luping's family was very kind to me during the entire trip. I was lavished with all kinds of interest and attention. They went to a lot of trouble to plan my trip, give me tours of the city and keep an eye on me. I suppose it was very interesting for them to have an American around. The residents of Shanghai are fully westernized and a large percentage of them enjoy a middle class lifestyle. They are very outgoing, loud, fun loving people.

Luping's brother and I. This is the last day of my trip when I took everyone to dinner at a nice Shanghainese restaurant.

Me and Luping's aunt.

Me, Luping's sister, her sister in law and Roger.

This was an excellent trip. I highly recommend China, and especially Shanghai to westerners. With the exception of the plane ticket it is an inexpensive place to travel around in. The people are friendly and in most places signs are posted in both Chinese and English lettering.

One thing I cannot do based upon this short trip is make educated assertions about China's political climate or its economy. While I am much more able to assert such opinions then people who have never been there, I just don't have enough of a grasp of these things to discuss them intelligently. I only have general observations that I can share about the specific places that I visited.

- Jason

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Interesting comparison

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"I felt like I was in Ridley Scott's movie Blade Runner."

I had the same exact thought as I was being driven into Shanghai for the first time. I told this Chinese guy who asked what my impressions were after a couple of days and I told him it was like being in a science fiction movie.

- Jason

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If you want to Nippon

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over to Japan you should hook up with Duncan's brother, Cameron - lovely guy.

I went to Tokyo for 5 days on a photo shoot and couldn't have made it around without a bilingual companion - Lost in Translation alright. That place is other-worldly! I felt like I was in Ridley Scott's movie Blade Runner.

The Midde East and NZ

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Each sound like frightening places Eye Yeah, I've heard a lot of things about Egypt. Someday I want to do Greece along with that part of the world... Maybe Greece, Turkey, Dubai, Israel, Egypt.

Right now I am still interested in Asia. Have any of you gone to Japan? I have a friend who I might be able to tag along with to Korea... so that might be an idea as well. I hear South East Asia is interesting too. Lots of people from Australia and NZ seem to go there.

- Jason

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Thanx guys, I've clipped

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Thanx guys, I've clipped this and will use it next time I have photos to post.

And I will exclude the Naked Elvis Impersonator candids elsewhere referred to in order to not offend delicate sensibilities and arouse lust in all the windows, whoops I meant women.


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Here's a way to do it: Open a MySpace account (free and quick) that lets you upload your pictures from your HD, open the image you're after in a new window, copy the URL and paste it in the code Jason provided. Takes about 2 minutes.

Fabulous shots, Jase, though I have no desire to see it up close and personal myself.

As for a travel suggestion: I did a 12 day, unscheduled trip through Egypt, riding horseback around the Pyramids, getting lost in the Cairo markets, sailing from Luxor to Aswan in a felucca and venturing the labyrinths of Tutankhamen’s tomb. It was so romantic - the aromatic atmosphere and colonial hotels with the shutters, palms and fezzed-up bellhops. I felt like Indiana Jones.

Of course, that was before the Muslims went completely mad. And you do have a US passport. Second thoughts, try friendly NZ.


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Go create a new thread or a blog entry or something... and then you will be able too see the options necessary to make an "attachment". Following that, use the instructions in this thread to get your pictures on to a thread.

- Jason

(If you have a specific photo or photos you want to add send me a private message and I'll help you out.)

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Jason, thanks I'll try

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Jason, thanks I'll try it!

(After I posted, I was wondering how one (and how I) gets his photo from his own hard drive onto Solo..... but I assume I must have just emailed it to the administrator....certainly whatever technique worked with that would work with -any- photo I have on my hard drive.)

Phil. actually I did this by

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Phil. actually I did this by attaching the files to the post itself. If you start a thread you can attach files (audio, video, whatever to the post). After that I typed this in in the place where I wanted the picture to show up : img src="" (with < and > at the end) I'm not sure if this command works for adding any photo from any website but I suspect it does. I know it works for files you've attached to SOLO.


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Thanks for the photos. The first is my favorite--a knockout.
Fred S.

Jason, yes, pictures from

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Jason, yes, pictures from Europe to add to these already nice ones!

By the way, did you post these from a website link, as opposed to from your own computer?

I know how to do the former, but not the latter...which I'd like to do on some solo threads....


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Proud Member Of The "Nuke-Them-Till-They-Glow" School Of Foreign Policy

Bill, thanks for your

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Bill, thanks for your insights and the "nuke them till they glow foreign policy" stuff. But my interest in bumping this thread was to get some travel suggestions from other users.

- Jason

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Just Saw This

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I just saw this thread and I was impressed with the pictures. I really don't know what to make of China. Looking from these pictures, it seems that the Chinese are a prosperous, productive, benevolent people. But the reality is China has nuclear warheads aimed at American cities. We are in a God-damned cold war with these people. I really hope capitalism is able to break through there and end Chinese militarism. If not, the shit is really going to hit the fan.

Proud Member Of The "Nuke-Them-Till-They-Glow" School Of Foreign Policy

Bump. Just spotted this.

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Just spotted this. Great memories. I should post my Europe trip as well. Where should I go this year?

- Jason

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Thx for putting up the pics, Jason; they are suprisingly educational.


Thanks Guys

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Glad you guys like them. I might throw up a few more (I have about 500 photos).

Ross --

I didn't get a chance to go into any of the skyscrapers. In fact, I didn't even have time to go up into the big Oriental Pearl TV tower. I did go into some gigantic residential buildings that dwarf the "skyscrapers" in downtown Phoenix. Believe it or not, the above pictures do not do justice at all to the Shanghai skyline because there is not even a picture of the most important part of it -- the part directly to the rear of the first photo. Here is what I am talking about :

The people in Shanghai and Beijing speak little bits of English here and there. Some speak it very well. For the most part though I had to rely on translators and unfortunately my little friend Roger (the kid in the photos) can't speak Chinese very well and this caused more then few funny "lost in translation" incidents. When I was able to get Luping to do it the results were better.

Here is a funny thing that happened to me twice : In Shanghai all of the elementary school kids wear school uniforms and in the afternoon I guess school is out all over the city. So one day whenever I passed a large group of them all of them would wave and yell to me "Hello, how are you!?" over and over again. So they are all learning a bit of it in early in school and evidently they are enthusiastic about practicing. All of the college students or recent graduates I met spoke very good English.

At all airports, planes, subways, trains etc etc all information is relayed in both Mandarin and English and as I mentioned above there are English and English letter signs everywhere though not all of them are very good. In the Shanghai taxis in the little rules section behind the driver's seat one of the rules reads :

"Psychos and drunkards should be accompanied by a guardian". Smiling

- Jason

Great pics, Jase. Nice to

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Great pics, Jase. Nice to see capitalism eating away at the old guard.

How much english is spoken, and did you get to go up in any skyscrapers?

And, don't listen to Jen. You don't look irritated; you look perfectly serene. We don't all adore the camera as Miss does Smiling

Hi Jason,Those are wonderful

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Hi Jason,

Those are wonderful pictures and wonderful narratives too! Thanks for sharing.

Wow what an awesome trip.

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Wow what an awesome trip. And here I thought we were in for blah blah and some tea pots!

The Shanghai skyline is truly beautiful and unique.

Also this reminds me of the movie Beijing Bicycle. I highly recommend it, especially if you are looking to fill in bits of the culture....


Thanks for Sharing...

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These are great...thanks for sharing them. I've always wanted to venture over that way. One of these days, I hope.

Thanks Jason for putting

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Thanks Jason for putting these up.

Great pictures

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Great pictures! You can see my pictures from my trip to Taiwan here:



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Jason, thanks so much for sharing these. China has a fascinating mix of old (old) world and new, so to see the juxtaposition of the two makes China's recent development all the more intriguing to me.

Also, now we can visualize what you look like when "irritated." Smiling


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