Free Radical 71: The Stolen Election!

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Thu, 2006-06-29 08:45

The re-launched, re-shaped best and BIGGEST Free Radical EVER is about to be unleashed.

72 pages (count them, 72 pages!) of pithy, gripping, infuriating, enlightening and downright SHARP reading. Edited by Guest Editor Peter Cresswell, "This is arguably the best and undoubtedly the biggest ever 'Free Radical,'" says Cresswell. "No question."

** Free Radical 71 will have the EXCLUSIVE exposé of how the Labour Party stole the New Zealand election, and how Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton is using the 1688 Bill of Rights to sue the Prime Minister to get it back.

** Read James Valliant and George Reisman on the Great Immigration Debate.

** Discover just what Lindsay Perigo is saying in California about Objectivist Rage in answer to Barbara Branden's TOC presentation: the whole speech is here!

** Find out how Urban Sprawl is Good, how Production precedes Consumption, and how the famous Global Warming 'hockey-stick' was exposed as a fraud.

And that's just a start. Read about:

** The man who's just been convicted of sedition.
** The doctor who became a brothel keeper.
** The man who was refused permission to mow his lawn.
** The teenager who sparked a pro-science movement that's got the animal 'rights' eco-terrorists on the run.
** How Australia, NZ, Malaysia and the UN are helping to make a Marxist revolution in the South Pacific...

... and more. MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Wit! We've got it.
Punch! This has it.
Exposés! We're loaded for bear.

Of course, you might say that because I'm the editor for this issue that, "Ah, he would say that."

Ah yes, but it's true. It's all true.


'The Free Radical' is the real thing.

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Not too late

gregster's picture

Am I too late?

Barry Jeenmaz's picture

Am I too late? Sad


Barry Jeenmaz
Email - torreno.programmer[at]

AIM - labtested1980

Yahoo - blowerping

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Ah, should start with this one I should think. You should have it by now, or nearly have it?

Just renewed...

Robert's picture

... my subscription. Does it start with TFR 71 or 72?


Peter Cresswell's picture

Fear not, young Marcus -- all haste is being made, and copies are being distributed as we speak. Smiling


Marcus's picture

Get yon issue hither with all due haste! Smiling

No room

Peter Cresswell's picture

Um, sorry Marcus. There was no room for your article.

[Sorry, Editor's joke. Not funny]

Our theory was, if you're going to re-launch a magazine, then you a) have to make a splash, and b) you have to have a decent-sized missile to make that splash.

In two months you might have just managed to get through half of it. If you read fast. Smiling

Looks Fantastic!

Marcus's picture

72 pages! Wow! Can't wait for it to arrive.

Now, I am going to be able to enjoy myself for the whole two months waiting for the next one to arrive!

Brilliant! Smiling

Damned Guest Editors! :-)

Lindsay Perigo's picture

72 pages?! 72??!!

Give these interlopers an inch & they'll take a mile!!

Seriously, our generous benefactors have endowed us with a new machine that enables us to significantly up the quantity without significantly upping the cost. All future editions will be at least twice the size of what had become the standard 28 + 4, though I am not committing to 72 pages each time! I've not yet seen the new issue in anything like its entirety, in part because Mr. Cresswell has taken huge delight in keeping me in the dark about it, but sight unseen I congratulate him on it and endorse the view that it's undoubtedly the best ever. Smiling


Oh, and you can rest assured it KASSes in a way The KASSless Society's The New Individualist couldn't even begin to contemplate!

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