Mid-Michigan Objectivists--July

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Submitted by Tenyamc on Mon, 2006-07-10 05:12

Below is the announcement of the July MMOC meeting from Chairman, Chris Evleth:

Greetings from on high!

It is once again time for the MMOC to gather at the home of Jack McHugh and regail each other with tales of our own genius. July's meeting is on Tuesday, July 18th. Social hour begins at 6, and the meeting will start around a quarter after 7. The topic is as follows:

What would Jesus Do? What if it's true?! Most of us have seen these hypotheticals posed on bumper stickers, billboards, and bracelets (which pretty much covers the realm of human endeavor). However, the latter question "What if it's true?" implies more than it seems. At heart in that question is something called "The argument from intimidation". The question is not directed at peoples of other faiths, but specifically to non-believers. However, just because an argumentation fallacy is used to make the point doesn't mean the point isn't valid. What IF it's true? In my lifetime, having seriously considered the true ramifications of that question, I must ask you all, would an eternity in hell really be worth our own pride and principle here on earth? Can it be considered a conflict of self interest, since self interest involves considering the long-term and not just the short? What have we got to lose?

I hope to see you all there in good spirits, and bring snacks/drinks if you are able to. Ciao!


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