SOLO Announcement (2005-12-09)

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Submitted by JulianP on Thu, 2005-12-08 20:14

Hi guys,

We've made a few changes that should be of interest.

1. SOLO Blogs
I've enabled personal blogs. This means that besides the likes of articles and forum topics, you can now also add personal blog entries. You can access your blog via the menu item 'my blog', on the side. Other SOLOists can comment on your blog entries, as in the forum. Each personal blog also has an RSS feed. As with forum topics, editors can promote good blog entries to the front page. So, if you don't have a personal blog yet, unlike the esteemed and prolific blogger, PC, then feel free to make SOLO Blogs your home on the web. Have fun! Smiling All blog entries will be viewable here:

2. "Chewing Category"
Linz added a new category called "Chewing". That's for articles that question (but don't attack) some facet of Objectivism.

3. Stories vs Articles
In the wake of some minor confusion, I changed the 'story' content type, to 'article'. I also added a new link the menu, called 'submit article'. Use it! Andrew is running low on good quality feature articles. Smiling

4. Group Leaders
We have enabled group leaders for the various interest groups. However, the front pages of interest groups are not particularly configurable yet, and they can basically just change the description. We'll change this soon!

Please let Duncan or myself know if you have any problems or questions by sending an email to . There have been a few reports of people not being able to log in, and then not being able to request a renewed password. If this is happens to you, please email us.

Now go out there and change the world! Smiling


P.S. Coming soon, will be the ability to buy digital copies of the latest issue of The Free Radical online!

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