Take The Moral High Ground

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Sat, 2006-07-15 05:32

[Reprised from the SOLO-HQ archive, in small part, to provide succor to those poor SOLs sorely tested by that prehistoric reptilian species, Ignoramus Rex]

Ever get into one of those situations where some statist sympathiser is pontificating about the failure of the market, slamming individual choice and demanding some "corrective" action from government? And, you sigh inwardly, your eyes (and your mind) glaze over, and you think: Oh, dear, here we go again.

How many times have you avoided conflict by making some harmless observation, by moving away to freshen your drink, by turning the conversation to a less contentious subject? By remaining silent?

We’ve all done it. Some of us have even turned it into an art-form. But, remember what Edmund Burke said: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Now, some tipsy idiot mouthing off at a dinner party may not seem like the most important target in the battle between good and evil, but remember that the opinions and thoughts of low men flow together like the poisonous trickling tributaries of a mighty, polluted river, gathering force and momentum, until they become ubiquitous, axiomatic, seemingly irrefutable.

And that’s the situation we find ourselves in. We’re awash in a swirling, Amazon-sized sluice of stinking cultural flotsam. And the flood can’t be dammed or diverted. It has to be cut off at the source. You need to tramp back up into the foothills and staunch, nay—cauterize—the weeping wound. And you can only do that by taking the moral high ground. Not to preach or moralise but to intellectually slam-dunk these backsliders with clear, forceful, irrefutable arguments. You need to radiate a sense of dignified indignation. You need to portray the collectivist ideal as a corruption, a deviancy, a repugnance. Operate from that point of view. Wind the cultural clock back to a time when the vermin would have been shunned and vilified. Treat their arguments with contempt and disdain, not as de rigueur, as they unfortunately have become.

And don’t be afraid to use a polemical or mildly sarcastic attack. Most dinner party dullards have been educated far beyond their intelligence quotients and hold opinions that they don’t fully understand. They aren’t sure—or aware—of their premises and are robotically reciting spew that reflects their unintegrated sense of life.

Wade into them!

You can shame them, refute them, reduce them to quivering jelly, but you won’t change them. They are who they are—idiots—dangerous for sure, but idiots nevertheless. Lock ‘n’ load. Aim. Fire!

Finish 'em off and forget ‘em.

Your real target is the sort of person who is always present at any social gathering or in any forum—the quiet observer. Hope that some of your moral shrapnel ricochets off the target dummy and hits that observer fair and square in their quiescent sense of life. Show them that they don’t have to stand by and listen to the bullshit that infects modern life. Show them that moral outrage is not only alive and well but that it is proper and necessary. Most importantly, show them that good men don’t have to turn the other cheek.

Does this mean you have to be a martyr for freedom? A sacrificial animal that serves only to make tracks for silent followers? No. First and foremost you are being true to your own sense of life. You are refusing to allow the stench of intellectual dishonesty and moral equivalence to go unnoticed and its effluviators to go unmolested. You do what you need to do and if others take heart from that, all the better.

And, if events go ballistic and your hosts chuck you out? So what? You might leave with an empty stomach but your most important hunger will be well satisfied.

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Glad you enjoyed it.

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Excellent. I enjoyed this. I will keep this in mind, always.

Hi Marnee, I see where you

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Hi Marnee, I see where you are coming from and wholeheartedly agree. I believe a lot of mysticism and rituals were merely a reaction to the unknown, some with practical benefits for the time though proven wrong and unnecessary by Science. Science developed primarily in The West after much loss and strife in the face of the same mystic mumbojumbo. Unfortunately there are those in both the 'Native' & Western camps who want to drag everyone down and backwards.
I will have to check out Tony Hillerman's novels/movies too,
Cheers Smiling

Jon that is a fair question.

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Jon that is a fair question. I do live in an area with large American Indian populations of varying tribes, Navajo and Tohono O'Otham being the most common. In my experience, as individuals American Indians vary widely. All of the Am. Indians that I have known were studying engineering and science.

I was referring to the overall tribal culture, especially historically speaking. Today it persists in being very mystic yet there have been many changes with some on the side of progress while others demand a return to more primitive times and isolation. Its fascinating. [The author Tony Hillerman demonstrates and examines this conflict quite well in his mystery novels.]

Multiculti is the idea that all cultures and societies are equal. Certainly this isnt true. It is strangely pervasive to ignore the accomplishments of Western Civilization while ignoring the negative aspects of other cultures. Its irrational. Rex is a great example of that, as you pointed out.

Oh, spirit.

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Rick, it's the spirit of my article that one needs to absorb.
But you know that...

Not really. Seemed a bit in my face. A bit close to home.

I've still got tooth marks from biting my lip from work yesterday where "we" were talking about how much we hate America, George Bush, etc. And I was trying to can it all day and then I come online and I read this. So.


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There it is... very cute Smiling


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How come I can't see your new hot pic? The usual one is up on my screen.


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Rick, it's the spirit of my article that one needs to absorb. I never intended it as a step by step guide to social intercourse. But you know that...

And, please, it's not "Plan Elliot", it's The Elliot Doctrine Cool

LP, check Marnee's profile

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LP, check Marnee's profile and all will be revealed.

Hi Ross, nice one - I agree

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Hi Ross, nice one - I agree with you. The same applies to internet forums. Many of my favourite hangouts get hijacked by the types you talk about (anti-US, commie, islamo-fascist sympathisers ...) when the sites have nothing to do with politics. Good admins are rare. I come here to get more ammo to fight them also, when I pick a fight that is.

Hi Marnee,
You were probably only trying to make an example for Rex though do you think all American Indians could come under this description 'The American Indians are a deeply tribalistic and mystic culture whose social structure is not based in reason or individual rights but superstition and irrational notions of birth-right.' Surely that can't be true for all individual Native Americans?. I haven't been to any Reservations or the US for that matter though is it really that bad in their cultures do you think?
The only good mystics are in art. What do you mean by the multicultural comment? Do you mean the forced accommodation of collectivist ideals & mysticism, if so then yes I agree that this is ridiculous. We have had problems like this in NZ.
& yes Marnee, you do look hot in your pic:)

Rex...geeee brooo, there may be some rascists around now and there definitely were issues in the past but reducing everything to 'a fight against whitey' is absurd, like some crap reggae or hiphop lyrics. I dont think I looked that bad in a grass skirt with my bald head though I could be wrong. I imagine the 'Xfiles' theme when I see your pic

Oh sure

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And, if events go ballistic and your hosts chuck you out? So what? You might leave with an empty stomach but your most important hunger will be well satisfied.

Plan Elliot doesn't do much for

a) Work colleagues

b) Flatmates

So what does that leave? I don't need advice on how to get uninvited from parties!

I've no idea ...

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... how Marnee might have broken Ross' heart, but Mr. Gagnon, I'm glad to see you've put your face back on. Smiling

Careful, fellas...

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...she's a little heartbreaker Cool


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JT and MJ, thanks so much. Smiling

I like yours, too.

And MJ I agree about Rex *sigh* .... to the sea.


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I also love your new user photo! It is quite splendid.


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I love your new user photo!

Our Friend Rex

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Many of you have shown Rex tremendous kindness and patience. Now the time has come to ignore him, and I hope, like castles made of sand, Rex will slip into the sea, eventually.

CONTRADICTION is Rex's Middle Name

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So let me see then:

The American Indians are a deeply tribalistic and mystic culture whose social structure is not based in reason or individual rights but superstition and irrational notions of birth-right. Rexx has called people like this "idiots" and worse. Apparently in Rexx's "open-minded" and "accepting" view of the world the only idiots are white Christian Americans. The rest of the mystics are "clever."

Profound contradiction, aint it?

If this isnt the essence of multi-culti, and a serious part of what is wrong with the world, than what is?


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So are you saying that you can't judge a society with higher survival rates, better physical health, massive industrial progress, laws to some degree based on the rights of man better as compared to a "society" where the group is tied down to the level of its weakest members, where religion (shamanism and polytheism is still religion) isn't a grandfathered in half joke to which most people only make lip service but an undisputed way of life taken completely seriously.

The problem with white supremacy advocates is this. Yeah most european based cultures have moved far beyond the rest of the world... to attribute this to being white denies this progress. It is the ideas which made this possible and it makes no difference what race the people who discovered them happend to be, or what race happens to accept these idea, but simply the ideas themselves.

In fact if you'll notice racism is the root cause of many such civilizations problems and it is the only filter through which people can view any civilization.

The truth is racism is simply an offshoot of a bigger problem, collectivism. The idea of denying the individual and sacrificing individual needs to "the group." A group is not an organism an individual is... societies which know this prosper, those which do not stagnate and turn violent.


Inking is sexy.



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As usual, you're missing the point. Why don't you go take a swim in some primordial ooze?

They are or they are not to be

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Claudia you strike me as an intelligent women,they either are or they are not equal,there is only one problem with that,ACCORDING TO WHO,to see life from your perspective they are probably not equal,but if you asked them they might think your not equal,then we have a fairly common problem,two sides believing the opposite,which one is wrong.?When discussing mental illness with a friend we concluded that the white mans yard stick used to measure sanity was one eye'd and didn't have as much to do with mental illness as it did to with ,we the white people are right.I look back at the America before the white man and see a nation of proud and clever people,shame on us.

You can't "learn" to accept

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You can't "learn" to accept others as equal Rex - they either are or they're not. To try to is not an intellectual challenge - it's a sentimental one.

I don't think your imagining Ross in a grass skirt is going to help you understand his post anymore than you already don't. Talk sense Numbnut!

Great post Ross Smiling

12 against the left

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The public is made up of private deeds
And each man’s government in life proceeds.

The public is made up of private deeds
In competition as men match their speeds.

The public is made up of private deeds
From which a central government recedes.

The public is made up of private deeds,
And, governed by contentiousness, one speeds.

The public is made up of private deeds,
And, by co-rivals governed, traffic speeds.

The public is made up of private deeds
And competition greater genius needs.

The public is made up of private deeds,
And emulation lustrous manhood breeds.

As Liberty denies illiberal states
To meddle with her life, their means she hates.

As Liberty forbids illiberal states
To set her venture back, their size she bates.

As Liberty forbids illiberal states
To damp her business down, their bog she hates.

As Liberty permits illiberal states
No peace with her, their strength she profligates.

As Liberty confronts illiberal states,
She'll frustrate their constraints or live in straits.

©2006 F L Light

Jolly good old chap

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I enjoyed that so much I almost forgot it was inpart a dig at me,and I'm flattered that I could help to inspire such poetic pontification,it appears to me the one way mentality is alive and well.The world is made up of many cultures and learning to accept others as equal is an intellectual challenge.Ross you seem to be sugesting that the vermin are still vermin and you would like to be able to wipe them out just like in the old days.They are people Ross just like you.Try and imagine yourself born into a Maori familly or a north American Indian,you strike me as the sort of guy who would be out there fighting for your rights and challenging the white system to face what they had done.I'm sure your not so stupid as to think that the white mans ways are the only way.I'm imagining you with a grass skirt,doesn't quite go with the balding head.

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