Open-Mike Night for George & Tony Reveals ... Hard Sense and Straight Talking

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Tue, 2006-07-18 04:17

If you haven't yet seen or head the video of Tony Blair and George W at the G8 summit discussing international events between themselves ... here's a transcript, courtesy of The Times. Videos are a little more difficult, but this site is loaded with them. What's more difficult to find is intelligent journalistic commentary on this.

For the site hosting the videos for example, the straight-talking seen here is a sign of the curtain getting lifted from the "moral majority" act. Glory be but someone should call what Hizbollah is doing is "shit" when shit is what Hizbollah is clearly doing, and clearly is.

And the Times headline, which you can see below, is just more holier-than-thou shit-eating piousness from an all-too prissy journalist. The only "truth of the special relationship" that's revealed is that these two have one, and that it's one in which straight talking is clearly valued. Good for them, and for us. The semi-free world is all the better for that.

If more straight talking and such clear-headed thinking as is revealed here was more on show around the rest of the western world (see below for example) we'd all be a lot better off for that.

LINKS: Bush's open mike gaffe reveals truth of the special relationship - Times Online
Bush unplugged at the G8 over Middle-East conflict - Crooks and Liars
Disproportionate response - cartoon and commentary by Cox and Forkum

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The Americans must "have the goods" on Blair.

Scott read my post

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"For all he can be criticised for, and there is a lot - he did something that almost no other politicians do, risked his political hide for a morally right principled cause. Thatcher would have done the same."

I didn't disagree with you there. But remember, Tony Blair has successfully promoted a populist image of Margaret Thatcher and her former Government as greedy and evil.

That is why I wrote:

"Shame that when his Labour Government is voted out next election they will definitely turn on Blair and vilify him and his legacy on the basis of the few good things (like helping to overthrow Sadam and fight terrorism) he actually did when he was in power!"

He is going to massacred later with his own domestic populist spin machine. In other words - his party will say that is not what the "majority of people wanted" when he is gone. The type of argument he normally favours on domestic issues, and (remember) he has used against Thatcher's Tory Government.

Blair's utter incompetence as a politician of principle (in domestic politics) is pissing me off at the moment. You really have to scratch your head and wonder if his support for Bush was just a fluke too.

How come Blair is morally courageous in foreign policy - while "domestically" he is a populist coward?

Where are the psycho-analysts when you need them? Anybody here willing to answer this question?


Kenny's picture

Has not publicly advocated military action in Iraq or Afghanistan. How do you know she would have?

If you read my damned post you might see

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I wasn't praising him for domestic policy - I know his record on civil liberties (the Tories are no better), but on foreign policy and understanding terrorism he was as clear as Bush (who also has a bad record on civil liberties and is about to veto stem cell research- wonderful stuff).

Gordon Brown will be worse and David Cameron is a mealy mouthed appeaser who is happily making the Conservative Party an ecological socially driven party scared shitless of what it stands for, such as not supporting tax cuts. That is nauseating! The Conservative Party for so much of its history has done nothing but tread water, and Thatcher was the only one to turn the tide back on statism, now desperate to get back to their "born to rule" stature, they'll sell her out like the political whores they are. The main Tory dislike of Blair is that he is the best Tory leader they never had.

Take this quote from Blair's speech to the Labour Party conference last year:

"I never doubted after September 11th that our place was alongside America and I don’t doubt it now. And for a very simple reason. Terrorism struck most dramatically in New York but it was aimed then, and is aimed now, at us all, at our way of life. This is a global struggle."

"And the way to stop the innocent dying is not to retreat, to withdraw, to hand these people over to the mercy of religious fanatics or relics of Saddam, but to stand up for their right to decide their Government in the same democratic way the British people do. Ten days ago, after years of struggle, finally in Afghanistan, 6 million people voted freely to decide their own future. How dare the terrorists justify their campaign of hate by claiming they are angry about Afghanistan? Was it better under their Taleban?

They use Iraq and Afghanistan, just as they use the cause of Palestine, whilst trying to destroy by terror the only solution that will ever work: a secure Israel living side-by-side with a viable independent and democratic Palestine. Just as they chose the day of the G8 when the world was trying to address the heartbreaking poverty of Africa, to kill innocent people in London. Strip away their fake claims of grievance and see them for what they are: terrorists who use 21st century technology to fight a pre-medieval religious war that is utterly alien to the future of humankind."

Blair didn't go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq because it was popular, or because it was party policy, he did it because he believed it was right and it was right. For all he can be criticised for, and there is a lot - he did something that almost no other politicians do, risked his political hide for a morally right principled cause. Thatcher would have done the same.

Well said Marcus

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The neo-con love affair with the fascist Blair is typical. Blair is a fellow civil-liberty trashing war-monger. Scott Wilson's post is nauseating.

This is very refreshing, I

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This is very refreshing, I wish we heard more talk like this from them. God, the West needs to hear more straight talk like this from their leaders.
With a bit of South Korean-style political arjee barjee thrown in for entertainment Eye

I won't miss Blair

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Whereas, GWB never uses weasel words and probably doesn't know how - Blair is the absolute king of slimey rhetoric.

Blair knows all he can do is just talk.

Blair: "Well... it's only if I mean... you know. If she's got a..., or if she needs the ground prepared as it were... Because obviously if she goes out she's got to succeed, if it were, whereas I can go out and just talk."

Unfortunately, the state of UK politics being as it is, Blair's sucessor is likely to be worse.

For a speaker, Blair baffles us with bull as much as he impresses with style. Can anyone remember one straight talking sound-bite he has ever made?

Thatcher has dozens, "no such thing as society" - "the lady is not for turning" - "Iron lady of the western world" - "Rejoice, rejoice" (following victory in the falklands).

GW Bush has had good ones of his own too including the current "Hezbollah shit", "evil doers" and "axis of evil".

Blair on the other hand has only "the people's Princess" (after Diana died) - get it? - just like "the people's Party" and "the people's Primeminister"! Fuck off! I am not impressed!

I won't miss Blair. It is time for him to go!

Shame that when his Labour Government is voted out next election they will definitely turn on Blair and vilify him and his legacy on the basis of the few good things (like helping to overthrow Sadam and fight terrorism) he actually did do when he was in power!

I'm going to miss Blair

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For all of his golly goshing over far too much domestic policy, he understands the international environment better than most. He was only rivalled by Thatcher in the UK, and Gordon Brown and David Cameron are minnows by comparison (although Cameron may yet prove us wrong, I hold out little hope).

I do wonder if we turned the clock back, how many of the apologists on the left would be thinking how little we understand that nice Mr Hitler and Mr Stalin, and all they have done for employment and bringing their oppressed people's together (of course there were plenty at the time).


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As refreshing as it is disgusting that all the fuckwitted media lefties, fellow-travellers of the Islamo-fascists, are calling it a "gaffe." God they're so contemptible.

Bravo, W! More, please!


Very entertaining stuff!

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Very entertaining stuff! One always thinks of international politics as this sneaky game of behind the back one upsmanship. It is quite interesting to see Bush and Blair discuss problems like this. I get a similar impression of the relationship between Bush and Koizumi and even Bush and Putin.

It is also interesting to see how Blair defers to Bush as the superior and how Bush responds to him by interrupting him in mid sentence and continuing to eat his crackers. I'm sure several British newspaper editorials will make note of that!

All in all I would much rather have world affairs discussed like this rather then through lame diplomatic language that strives for the social metaphysical upper hand but doesn't lead anywhere.

- Jason

The video is available at

Yeah, this was great.

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Yeah, this was great.

Fox edited out the the shits but everyone else left them in. What an uproar if they'd referred to Kofi as a cheeky Darky.

I loved the way Bush just kept on shoving the food in while Blair hovered.

Tony: Hey, that cheese looks good, George.
Dubya: Bullshit! This stuff honks! Get me some Stoly to wash it down with!

One good result of this may be that Bush & Blair will throw a little caution to the winds and do some more straight talking now the cat's stuck it's head out of the bag.

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