Croquet anyone?

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Submitted by Titan on Thu, 2005-12-08 23:43

I'm in the midst of starting up what I believe will be the first croquet club/organization in Montana. Has anyone here played or play croquet? It's such a fun summer sport. Croquet is to golf, what badminton is to tennis.

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Yep, it's a little ripper of

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Yep, it's a little ripper of a movie. Subtle but wickedly funny. It's the type of flick that could so easily have been made in NZ on a low budget by dedicated film makers. Oh, well, at least our mates the Aussies are there to do it for us...


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There's a delightful Australian film based around a bowls club called 'Crackerjack' that's worth seeing if only for the laughter, but more so if you want to know more about the 'culture' of bowls. It's yet another good, sharp but understated Autralian movie.

Good idea. And those mallets

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Good idea. And those mallets would be an excellent tool for resolving those pesky philosophical disagreements Eye

Yes, the vindictiveness.

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Yes, the vindictiveness. Well said, Fraser.

"Burning the jack" or "burning the head", is the move in lawn bowls where you bowl with such (deliberate) force that you blast every other bowl out of the way, knocking the jack out of play. It's the one violent aspect of the game. The equivalent of tossing a chess board up in the air if it looks like you're going to get mated Smiling

I think that croquet would

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I think that croquet would make a great activity during an objectivist conference or summer social. Proposed; that an annual Objectivist croquet match be held annually sometime during the spring or summer.

Endorsements all around

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I must say, I like the way both this thread and this site is going. Hurrah!

It's not fencing - which happens to hold a place close to the hearts of at least 2 SOLO UK members - but croquet is rather civilised. I especially endorse the vindictiveness I understand croquet allows.

Croquet - Great Game

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Croquet is a great game. I played for my school team, and although it started off as a bit of a joke we all grew to love the game. And went on to become regional champions!

I don't play, Eirk. Although

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Erik, I don't "play", although I have played the odd game over the years, mostly on social occasions. It's a very relaxed sport (but with a delightfully intense competitive edge bubbling away underneath) & as I said it's being taken up by younger people now, many in their late teens & twenties. The social aspects of bowls are as important as the competitive.

It demands high skill. Each bowl has a bias, or weight, on one side which causes it's trajectory to curve differently with speed. You need the curve to get around other bowls which are blocking the jack--the little white ball that you score points by getting closest to.

Oh, very droll, Summer.

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Oh, very droll, Summer.

I don't know much about croquet but I can imagine if a fight ever broke out there would be absolute *carnage* Smiling

It looks kinda like Bocci,

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It looks kinda like Bocci, but with a mallet.

By the way, I hear that the International Olympic Committee is considering the inclusion of full-contact Mahjong into the winter games.




Used to be one over in St

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Used to be one over in St Pete - think died when the old folks died...


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Ross, we don't have lawn bowls here, at least none that I know of. I'll have to give it a try. It looks like fun. How long have you played?

I've watched croquet but

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I've watched croquet but never played it. Do you also have lawn bowls up there in Montana, Erik?

I ask because lawn bowls is a big sport--professional--in many countries of the British Commonwealth. All towns have bowling clubs. I live in a city of 30,000 and we have around 10 major clubs & a couple of croquet clubs as well. It'll be the same in Australia, Britain, South Africa &, I assume, Canada. Your cousins over the border may have a few things to show you Smiling

Lawn bowls has always been seen as an older person's sport. Gentle & social. But latterly, much younger people have been taking it up. I've thought about it myself. There's a a great club atmosphere that's very genial and relaxed. And most clubs have good facilities including a bar with cheap booze Smiling

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