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These are the top dozen most popular posts at the minute over at my main blog, 'Not PC':

Frank Lloyd Wright: Broadacre City
"Urban sprawl is one of the greatest enemies of good urban design," say some. I don't agree. Lack of choice created by a lack of freedom is the greatest enemy -- 'sprawl' gives people choices... Frank Lloyd Wright's 1932 concept of the 'Broadacre City' -- while somewhat nebulous, and by no means a libertarian vision -- demonstrates that sprawl is not the enemy.

San Marcos Water Gardens - Frank Lloyd Wright
A delightfully playful geometric arrangement sees jewel-like, canvas-roofed private cabins inhabiting an oasis full of sparkling water, beds of flowers, and abundant gardens...

Moral equivalence inducement to war
A position of appeasement that rewards the aggressor, punishes the defender, and refuses to see any difference between the two...

Trusting media reports of carnage
Every asymmetric war is fought through the media, and the Israel-Hezbollah conflict is no exception. You would think journalists themselves would know that, and be careful not be used. You would think too that reports of tragedy and carnage would be treated as carefully as absolutely possible. It appears they're not so careful...

"The young man hoped he would not have to die..."
What do you think of when you see this photograph? For me, I think of a wonderful passage from Ayn Rand's novel 'The Fountainhead'...

Will & the 'warrior gene'
Whatever our genes say about us, it’s far from all they say about us. In the age-old argument as to whether it is genes or environment that ‘create us,’ what is infinitely more important is to realise that genes and environment are only half the actual picture. The other half of the picture – the one about which we can do something ourselves -- is the faculty that helps make us distinctively human...

Break-up songs
Popular music has a breakup song for every mood, so here's a longer list, which still only scratches the surface...

Beirut blogger
A new blog promises to be a window on Beirut in the same way the Interdictor blog was a window on New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina -- in fact it's the former Interdictor blogger who recommends it: it's called Cedarseed. Here's a few recent excerpts...

Ewen-Street is not on the environmental main highway
The hard left have captured the so much of the environmental brand for a very good reason: Because almost the entire political spectrum, including the self-described 'centre-right,' have accepted the nostrum that environmental protection requires hard left command-and-control measures to be effective. But it doesn't...

What's behind the news in 'Pallywood'?
In war, as they say, the first casualty is truth. In asymmetric war, in which the media itself plays such a large part, it's important that those like us who have to rely on media reports for our coverage of conflicts undertand how some of those reports are put together. Here's an example...

Brain slippage
The four horsemen of the climate change apocalypse and “greedy developers” who want to build on hills. Between them they’ve got poor Mayor Ogden in a perfect wee storm...

Unbuilt Piha Project - Organon Architecture, 1996
Just another unbuilt project from the files of Organon Architecture, this one for a spectacularly wild setting above Piha Beach...

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