EU is funding Attac

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Submitted by Max on Fri, 2005-12-09 14:42

Some people, who either have been in Germany or followed News about Germany, are wondering why Unions and Attac are so pre-dominant in Germany. (Well, other's who know of our social history, don't wonder much about it ...) But there is more to these so-called NGO's than meets the eye. This was reveiled, when the German Liberal (not as in Democrats Liberal, but rather classical liberal) European Parlamentary member Silvana Koch-Mehrin got word on Research about EU fundings. She then wrote this open letter(

For all the none German-speakers, this letter tells that Attac among other NGO's have received excessive government spending and thus could hold their high status in Germany and other countries. It is pure despair, when you hear that your money helped people that you are clearly fighting in real life. This is what government does to us and why such Hyper-States as the EU are not worth taking the effort. A loose alliance of European States, or a free work agreement between those states would have been enough and the best choice, but instead the socialist Europeans established an uncontrollable apparatus that throws moneies to all and everybody who is close to it.

- P.S.: I am sorry I didn't include Tags, but I am still in a learning process here. I think it might be worth the effort to show American people the state of affairs in the heartland of democratic socialism, because your medias do not.