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Submitted by bidinotto on Fri, 2005-12-09 18:30

The Objectivist Center has unveiled a brand-new Web site -- updated, more contemporary, far easier to navigate -- at:

The Objectivist Center

A vast archive of information about Ayn Rand, Objectivism, and TOC is available on the site -- including all past issues of its magazines Navigator and The New Individualist. The separate Web site of The Atlas Society has also been folded into the new design.


Robert Bidinotto, Editor,
The New Individualist

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New TOC web site

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Hi to everyone from a very chilly London (and a smoky one if you live in the north of the city)

I have just registered as a new member and do not take sides on the ARI-TOC divide (although I have read a lot of material on it). For the record, I was a speaker at the Adam Smith Institute's seminar to celebrate Ayn Rand's 100th birthday. Tim Sturm seemed to like my talk on how Ayn Rand inspired my career in rail privatisation and influenced other aspects of my life.

I am a regular visitor to many Objectivist sites. The new TOC site is a major improvement on the old one. It is great to have easy access to the New Individualist/Navigator archive. I hope that will be more free MP3 content. "Podcasting" is really taking off.

I wish everyone at SOLO success in developing and promoting the new site.

Latest TNI

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As you know, Robert, the magazine fell well behind schedule with TOC's move to DC, the many staff changes involved (including me), all impacted by the Summer Seminar.

However, we're getting a grip on things. The latest issue -- by far the biggest ever, a combined "Fall 2005" issue -- is at the printer even as we "speak." I am currently working on the following two issues. We should be caught up to the calendar with the January-February issue.

All subscribers will get the full 10-issue subscription we promised -- that is, ten separate magazines. I am simply consolidating cover dates in order to bring our publishing schedule in synch with the calendar.


I assume that latest issue

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I assume that latest issue of The New Individualist is on the way, in the mail?

Best of luck

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I looked around over there. Really good job. Excellent navigation.

Best of luck and great premises.


This is much better..

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Than what TOC had before anyhow. I hope they remember to update with new material on a regular basis.

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