The illiterate teaching illiteracy

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Wed, 2006-08-23 03:01

BBC NEWS: Tests flummox trainee teachers
Many [British] trainee teachers are struggling to pass tests in numeracy, literacy and information technology, figures show.

Anyone doubt that the same tests applied here in New Zealand or the US would show the same problems? If there really is a 'tragic cycle' at work in our society, then it's the illiterate teaching illiteracy, and the innumerate teaching innumeracy ... and teachers, principals, and Teachers' Colleges continuing to put their heads in the sand about the cause of the tragedy: Them and their methods.

STUFF: "NZQA figures show nearly 30 per cent of enrolled level-one NCEA pupils did not achieve the minimum literacy standard last year."

We've seen headlines like these for at least ten years now, haven't we? The current generation of illiterates are already out there teaching the next one, aren't they?

But does anyone really care enough to stop it happening? The minister in charge (in NZ) cries crocodile tears while the shadow minister blusters without direction or purpose, and meanwhile NZ children, generation after generation, are forced to attend the state's factory schools, and emerge with their minds turned to mush.

And so it goes on.

PS: See how you do on the three sample questions from the Trainee Teachers' test. Here at the foot of the BBC page.

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