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"Hizbollah are "increasingly heroes across the Muslim world," says Robert Fisk. "As usual," responds Dov Bing, professor of political science at Waikato University, "[Fisk] offers no references for this sweeping statement" -- so Prof. Bing scans the Sunni Arab press on our behalf.


  • Lebanese Huda Al-Husseini wrote in Al-Sarq Al-Awsat: "Lebanon has been taken hostage by Hizbollah, Syria and Iran and Islam itself has almost become a hostage to Iran's aspirations."
  • Egyptian Hazem Abd Al-Rahman wrote in Al-Ahram: "All Iran wants is to extend its hegemony over the eastern Arab countries, and it is trying to use Hizbollah as a Trojan horse to achieve his aim."

He concludes,

The Sunni countries are anxious to contain Iran.

It is ironic that Israel is playing a role on the side of the moderate Sunni states in this new power play in the Middle East.

The least Mr Fisk could do is to let readers know about the thinking of the Sunni Arab press.

But as I'm sure Prof. Bing is aware, Mr Fisk is never one to tell all the relevant facts, not when cherrypicking them gives him a better story. Read Prof Bing's whole piece in the Herald here.

LINK: Dov Bing: Coup fear creates new allies - NZ Herald [Hat tip Whale Oil]

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I don't know if the Sunni Arab press

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necessarily reflects the population at large. The Sunni Arab regimes certainly fear Iran, in which case the regime controlled press may reflect that, but does that mean they reflect the wider population? Perhaps it will depend on which rift is the greater: the Sunni/Shia' rift, or the Islam/Israel rift? I fear that it might be the latter.

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