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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Wed, 2006-08-23 03:10

What goes on inside the Googleplex? The 'Googleplex' is the name for Google's headquarters, in which some pretty smart people produce some pretty sharp stuff -- and seem to have a great time doing it if this seven-minute video is any indication. (Looks like they're looking for staff.)

And BBC Radio have an audio peek inside the place -- it's a little longer, but being radio of course you don't get any pictures. (But you smart people have alrady worked that out, right.)

The open and creative nature of the Google workplace and of Google's success seems to be attributed by most commentators to the characters and personalities of Google founders Larry Bage and Sergey Brin -- and guess what: they're Montessori graduates. Asked in a TV interview about the reason for their success, they told interviewer Barbara Walters "it was their going to Montessori school where they learned to be self-directed and self-starters. They said that Montessori allowed them to learn to think for themselves and gave them freedom to pursue their own interests."

Find a Montessori school here, and set your own kids on the path to success.

LINKS: Sneak a peek inside Google - Mod Mom
Inside the world of Google - BBC Radio
Montessori graduates Larry page, Sergey Brin, Jeff Bezos - The Michael Olaf Montessori Company
NZ Montessori schools - Montessori Association of New Zealand

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Wm, I'm not familar with

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Wm, I'm not experienced with Vista or other very latest software releases by Microsoft. But I'm wary, having heard before with each new product how the latest release was going to be wonderful and fix everything. And then hackers and other code-writers and users over a longer period of time find all kinds of gotchas.

A Phil Unbrella

The amount of money lost by the so called poor design of Microsoft's software is largely offset by the massive efficiency gains brought on by Windows, Office and especially Visual Studio. With Vista I've been very impressed by the responsiveness and attention to detail Microsoft has put into it's security guide and initial security settings. Why can they afford to do this now and not initially? Well, because they didn't waste time on it initially. People buy things on ebay and Amazon much more often then they buy a house. This is why you can put up with some insecurity to buy the latest DVD, but still do an in-person paper laden transaction for purchasing a house.

I've been working with the new hardware advances by Intel called the Trusted Execution Technology which down the road will allow trusted code to run safely on consumer devices. Microsoft, VMWare and others are all pushing for this technology to allow for even more verifiably secure and trusted transactions to take place.


Islam insofar as it is directed by governments, and as a measure enforced from above by any government, is to be done away with.

Pissing on Three More Parades

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I'm not impressed by the quality of Google's search engine - it should be possible to develop a better one which doesn't return so much junk. I'm not impressed by Bill Gates and the software he has created, especially Windows a too buggy, insecure, and -especially- virus prone product. I'm also not much more impressed with Macintosh's OS and some of their other packaged software such as Safari, which are also full of bugs and poor design and unnecessary freeze-ups and crashes. Sometimes making the very same mistakes that Bill Gates does (although better designed in the area of security and virus resistance).

When I was in the computer business and worked for HP on their line or minicomputers and with IBM mainframes, I became accustomed to better-designed operating systems and application software. Which didn't crash. And which had big companies investing much more in quality control for corporate customers who had little patience with failures in mission-critical software which ran their accounting, inventory, shipments, billing, and other vital business applications...and an enormous volume of transaction processing.

The PC world of Gates and Jobs and the like has more innovation and new and sexy software, certainly. But a lot less quality control and rigor in its mission critical software:

Get it out the door in Beta and let the customers debug it.

I *AM* impressed with Montessori education.

Terrific Stuff Peter

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Google is amazing and with its acquisition of youtube it is set to make a run at dominating do it yourself video. Congrats to Sergei and Larry!


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