Make My Poetry Flow Again

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Submitted by Marty on Sun, 2005-12-11 22:09


Make my poetry flow again –

It's blocked by a dam of despair.

I lack what nature gave to man –

A soft smiling creature to repair

The torn, tired garments and bloodied shirts,

The pain of the climb, the wounds of the battle –

The blow of that fight that throbs and hurts,

The heroic stand, the brave saber-rattle

That heralds the charge to reach my goal,

Stretching the limits of will and control.

Feet wielded to rock, heart to heaven wide

All this and more, and none by my side.

I disbelieve what my mind's eye sees.

Do you partake of earthly form?

Will my innocent hand pass through your cheek?

Can your ears divine what I would speak?

Do you sit immobile on the head of a pin?

Are you the prize that I might win

For all I made myself become?

For the endless toil that led me from

The road to hell on which I was born?

The mediocre place where my soul, forlorn,

Dared forge a dream amidst the smell

Of those resigned to live in hell?

Are you just the mirage of a noble old man

Whose brain, not constrained to that which is real,

Devises a tale of young love, a plan,

To banish defeat, to make him yet feel

That, maybe once more, the curtain will rise

And he'll stand center stage reading his line

Cloaked by the ancient chivalric guise

That allows him a fleeting taste of the wine

That lives forever in the hearts of the young –

And after, he must go to his grave unsung? 

I cry my urgent call, sweet dove

And pray I rightly read your chart.

In truth, I'd die embalmed in thy love 

And glad be buried in thy heart.      

Very good!!!

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Very good!!!

I think this is good. I

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I think this is good. I don't know anything about poetry, but when I read this poem it was like trying to see the image of a idea or feeling. My reaction is visceral, of longing.

"The single journey through consciousness should be participated in as fully as possible by the individual no matter how dangerous or cruel or terror-filled that experience may be."

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