The Whale

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Submitted by Marty on Sun, 2005-12-11 22:24


I met a fellow traveler,


We briefly shared the road.


He told of things spectacular,


So now to him this ode.


All year long he sails the seas


Without a suitcase or a care,


And none exist whom he must please


And there is naught that he won't dare.


For he's a splendid whale full-grown,


Breaking bounds of length and girth,


Great ocean-king who needs no throne -


By nature crowned upon his birth.


And so when we met face to face,


Silent homage did I pay.


His countenance bore warmth and grace


And I admired his noble way.


Suddenly he spoke to me,


This distant cousin of the sea.


He knew of man and all we've done,


Our cities and science and victories won.


He told me many things that day


Of the universe beneath the sea –


The hidden world where the great whales play,


And the twists and turns of their history.


The deep dark ocean is a hostile place


Far from the warmth and light of the sun,


And tears filled his eyes for the error of his race –


Their return to the sea cannot be undone.


When next I am pulled to the lapping shore


And contemplate the Earth's great seas,


I'll think, great whale, on you some more


And treasure your vast mysteries.