Ahh, Beauty!

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Submitted by jtgagnon on Wed, 2006-09-06 18:41
Ahh,  Beauty!

I came across this earlier today and I found it to be quite striking. Just look at that poise!

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She's been stunning for years now. It may be mostly a product of extremely good and unusual genetics. Who says eugenics is bad? She has a kind of dense beauty which is exceptionally hard to describe or detail, even when you're looking directly at her. SJ seems -- at the least -- poised, elegant, centered, sophisticated, complex, mature, lovely, ravishing, and unique. Time for scientists to finally perfect human cloning!  

What I Like

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What I love about this image of Scarlett is her poise and smile. Her stance, attire, and attitude convey elegance, beauty, and strength (compare her to those in the background). The overall effect is quite moving.

When it comes to my own personal taste, I prefer elegance and independence in a woman - and this picture sums that up. It is true, there are times when a picture is worth a thousand words.

I had taken to her since I

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I had taken to her since I had first seen her, in the Coen brothers film The Man Who Wasn't There.

Classic elegance.

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The first time I saw her I thought, "Wow -- I thought they didn't make women like that anymore." I recently watched her in Girl with a Pearl Earring and found her captivating even without makeup, and with a scarf wrapped around her head.


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Lovely indeed.

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She is beautiful. Too often do I find myself disappointed by physicalities which communicate negative conceptions of self. Thanks for posting, John.

Absolutely exquisite.

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So nice to see one of you guys post a picture of a beautiful woman with her clothes on. Nice John. I was beginning to think that Objectivist men partake in a lot of... well, objectification.

Dagny at the party

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She looks like Dagny at her coming out party (before she got disappointed).

I had no idea who she was, but

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I knew she is pretty. Of course I watch very little tv, and when I view movies I am unaware of the names of a lot of the actors these days.



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I believe it went without saying. Literally! Sticking out tongue

Has no-one mentioned it's

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Has no-one mentioned it's Scarlett Johansson?

What a dish.

I can see the resemblance.

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I can see the resemblance. They are both lovely, but not in the hollywood-in-your-face way.



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is reminiscent of the beauties from the first half of the twentieth century. For some reason Judy Garland comes to mind.


Indeed - she is beautiful

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Indeed - she is beautiful and she knows and celebrates it - which in itself is beautiful.

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