The Joy of Decadence

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Submitted by Prima Donna on Thu, 2006-09-07 02:35

You know, there is nothing quite like savoring a luxurious product that is hand-crafted and so deliciously rich that no more than a few bites are needed to indulge the palate. I'm sitting here sampling a collection of brownies and blondies from Sugardaddy's, as they are customizing a holiday package for the Gilded Fork Boutique, and I'm having a little "moment."

I don't think I've ever tasted brownies so luscious. They bake each flavor from scratch -- every day -- and overnight them to you, and the moment the package arrives you can see they've thought of every last detail. When you open the lovely white box with brown swirls, you find a little tuft of tissue protecting a tall silken bag tied with a stream of wide, shiny ribbon. Since this one was a prototype for the GF package, I was treated to our familiar colors of white and gold, with our pretty new postcard hanging from the neck. Inside is a stack of round brownies and blondies, each individually wrapped in adorable round plastic containers with swirled wrapping and a list of ingredients inside. I cannot emphasize enough what a joy it was to see such attention to excellence -- I was swooning before I even got to the treats!

They offer 8 flavors, and I can't decide which one I like best, because they are all amazing. (Ceely, I took one little bite of each, so hush.)

I realize to some this might seem frivolous when so many other things are happening in the world, but much like John's salute to Scarlett Johannsen, sometimes a little bit of beauty and elegance is just what we need.

I have the best job in the world. Smiling


The Gilded Fork
Celebrate the sensual pleasures of food(TM)

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Language, Jennifer!

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Ravagement equals fun...and, around here, it is quite compatible with whoring. Especially of the promotional sort.


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Remember those little brownies for which I waxed poetic? They're now gathered in lovely little gilded satin packages, waiting to be ravaged.

And this one's just fun. Tee hee. Laughing out loud

I believe this fulfills my promotional whoring for the day. Heh. Eye


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.


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Yeah, just skyscrapers, jazz, movies, and the goddamned electric light by which he slurs us... such limited imaginations.

Limited, or . . .

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Unless by "limited," Linz means thinking too much inside the box.

Limited imaginations

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Guess it's too bad we invented everything, eh?


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Now wait a minute, Mr. Perigo, I take exception to that!

Some Americans have more than sufficient servings of both!


"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."

As we're learning, Claudia ...

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... from Phil Coates, Americans have a very limited vocabulary, & an even more limited imagination. Smiling


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Well, that's good enough. Smiling


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I'm not in the vagina business, at least, not since my teens. When I said I could eat Scarlett, I thought of those luscious, ruby lips on her pretty face. Sheesh.


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I'm only happy to oblige, as I am sure you were. Smiling

"Over on the Playboy channel, they've got girls talking about eating each other. How can I compete with that?" --Howard Stern

Let there be no question...

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John, the brownies were luscious, but you are delicious. Smiling


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Let there be no question...

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I would love to eat Scarlett...but considering my present situation, I'm going to have to settle for lusting after these "luscious brownies." Jennifer, darling, your description had me salivating.

And, I should add, this is certainly NOT a frivolous post. It is a very important one. Your post here is what this life is all about - having a sense of life and valuing it passionately. The beauty and elegance in the world are precisely the very things we ought to live for...and we must not ever forget that.

Ahh Mr. Cathcart...

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I had the very same question for Joe, but knew some other dirty little feck would ask it. Smiling


Prima Donna's picture rock. In every single post so far. Smiling Welcome to SOLO!


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

In this case...yes...not

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In this case...yes...not that there's anything wrong with that! Claudia's quip hit me at the right moment.

[stops and stares, agape]

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Say Joe,
Is coffee all you'd have sprayed your screen with?


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Savor the sensual ecstasy for us all, my dear. It is a one of the joys of being human.

If I didn't turn my head

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If I didn't turn my head deftly at the last moment, I'd have sprayed my screen with coffee!

(Plagiarizing Jen Sticking out tongue


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I'm willing to bet several of the men and women here would agree with you about Scarlett. Eye


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Now Jen that's not fair!

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Here I am on an empty stomach slaving away thinking which bakery I might slip into when I get the kids... your post gave me such tummy growlies, now I could eat Scarlett Johannsen Eye

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