[Today's Reprise] The Long, Long Trail of Appeasement, Capitulation and Death

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Mon, 2006-09-11 04:42

We are at war. We, the people of the west are at war with people who wish to destroy us. It's a different war than we're used to, an asymmetric war -- a so-called fourth-generation war -- so it's one some people still don't recognise (or still don't want to recognise) but we are under sustained attack. We are at war.

That's not scare-mongering. That's just the way it is.

We didn't start this war, but a litany of appeasement by those under attack has fanned its flames, encouraged the attackers and emboldened the growth of violence. It's not about the war in Iraq, US foreign policy or oil. It's about Islamo-totalitarians who by their own admission "worship death" as we in the west worship life; who want the prosperous, freedom-loving west dead, as dead as their own dark souls; and who see the cowardly west as easy prey.

On this last point at least, they're right.

There is an essential difference between the essentially individualistic, prosperous, freedom-loving civilisation of the west and the stone-age culture that has declared war on it. Said Osama bin Laden on behalf of those who declared war: “We love death. The [west] loves life. That is the difference between us two.”

On that, we also agree. In the name of those who do love life and who treasure the life-loving civilisation of the west, on this anniversary of the most visible attack on the west and all it stands for, consider al that led to it: a series of snubs, trial balloons and atrocities, the tepid and pathetic response to most of which emboldened those who love death to even greater atrocities, and the supporters of the death-worshippers to even greater support, both financial and logistical. Appeasement led only to escalation. Both the perpetrators and the succourers smelt the fear and they smelt the cowardice, and if they know anything it is what fear and cowardice smell like. These are scum who feed off cowardice, and for over fifty years they have had an awful lot of food to sustain them:

Each of these direct attacks on the west was met with appeasement, apology and capitulation. Each of them resulted in further escalation, and the (correct) assessment that the west was morally weak, and that there would be no negative consequences for either perpetrators or supporters. The attacks on September 11 and after saw the culmination of this attitude, and an outbreak of massive, violent and orchestrated attacks on civilians.

It's not a matter of the western countries or western leaders deciding to declare war on Islamo-totalitarians. It's a matter of recognising that the west, like it or not, is already at war with Islamo-totalitarians. Fighting them isn't a matter or law enforcement, with all the strings around such a battle; it is war, and we're already in it. As SOLO Chief executive John Gagnon said, "The words of Patrick Henry are as applicable today as they were in 1775: 'Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace – but there is no peace. The war is actually begun!'"

How to fight such an asymmetric war against an enemy like this?

  • Consider this: No terrorist organisation can survive without the oxygen of financial, logistical and materiel support. They need weapons to deliver, places to train and recruit, and money with which to fund their campaigns. It takes a government either willing to help, or willing to turn its back to provide this. It's hard to track down terrorists, but not so hard to identify those who give them succour -- what's hard is having the balls to so something about it once you do while the terrorists' 'useful idiots' and other allies bleat at home about anything that's done.

  • Consider this: this is as much an ideological war as it is an actual hot war. For the blood-soaked voices from the stone age the free and prosperous west is a personal affront; their war on the west is the last gap of the Dark Age they've submitted to themselves and wish to impose on the rest of the world. Their own ideology has failed at everything but the production of penury and death, and now it's all they have left. "They know how to die."

    Meanwhile, the ideological war on behalf of the west has yet to even be fully engaged, and in most of the west is undercut by the voices of "useful idiots" from the academies who use the freedom of the west only to attack and undercut it. A principled, rational, consistent, philosophical defence of the ideas that support freedom and western civilisation is long overdue; the ideas of reason, of individualism, of property rights and capitalism must be defended against their ideoogical attackers, but how many even know where to start?

    As Ayn Rand pointed out in defending those ideas herself so eloquently, "A political battle is merely a skirmish fought with muskets; a philosophical battle is a nuclear war." It is one her philosophy of Objectivism makes the philosophical warrior very well-equipped to fight. But time is a'wasting -- as the antics of Ahmedinijad make clear enough, a real nuclear war is not an impossibility.

  • And consider this too: Is it already five minutes to midnight in the war?

And finally, meditate on this; "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing." Wilful blindness is not an argument. It's an evasion.

And evasion hasn't worked.

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One would have thought...

Marcus's picture

...that Helen Clark's disgustingly ugly teeth might have been a large enough wake-up call to NZers. Worryingly not.

"Beauty is truth,
truth beauty,
that is all ye know on earth,
and all ye need to know."

One would have thought 9/11

Sandi's picture

One would have thought 9/11 might have been a large enough wake-up call. Sadly not.

Helen bin Laden

Jameson's picture

CNN reported today... "New Zealand's Prime Minister Helen Clark joined many when she said: "No, we're not more secure since 9/11." Clark said more should be done to reach out to moderate states and leaders in the Islamic world to encourage understanding between different peoples, and to help end the sense of alienation and exclusion among some young Muslims that fuels extremism."


Lanza Morio's picture

I agree with you Tim. Most folks in the States feel confused - not angry so much. They don't trust the politicians (a point in their favor) and they watch the daily "terrorist news" with pity - not anger.

We've become numb to the daily reports, "48 dead in Kabul," "Suicide bombers kill 90 in Baghdad - 2 GIs dead."

So Tim I agree that the only chance of America (I can't speak for the rest of the West) waking up is multiple attacks on a grand scale. Even then I'm not sure the populace can embrace a morality of self-defense. Multi-culturalism is the dominant philosophy in America today.

Excellent article

Tim S's picture

It seems that the west will need to suffer several "Pearl Harbours" before it wakes up. There's no doubt in my mind that it will wake up, it's just a question of how terrible those Pearl Harbours will be before it does.

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