Peikoff Denounced By Jihadist

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Submitted by James S. Valliant on Tue, 2006-09-12 21:41

Well, at last we can see the truth. It was Leonard Peikoff, and those like him who advocate capitalism and American self-defense, who were responsible for 9/11. How could I have been so dense?

Read all about it in The New York Times

Thanks go to Noodlefood for the heads up.

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Hat tip to Peikoff. He's got KASS. Rock on ARI!

John Allison IV

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As I understand it, the Peikoff advertisement received the bulk of its funding from John Allison IV, CEO of BB&T as well as a friend to Peikoff and staunch supporter of ARI.  So I certainly tip my hat to him as well for making the unyielding KASS article presentable through the mass media.

In the US Dr Peikoff

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Could buy a gun for self defence. Hell, I'd even chip in to buy him one if you want to start up a collection. Just so long as it's a .357 magnum or larger with dollar signs embossed in gold on the handle.

Well done that man, and well done the ARI!

I ask in all seriousness

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Dr. Peikoff isn't going to have to start fearing for his life now, is he? My thoughts go to what happened to the Dutch filmmaker who got on the jihadis' bad side.

When GW Bush lets expressions...

Marcus's picture "Islamic Fascist" slip out. I can't help but wonder if his staff and advisors do not somehow indirectly get intellectual fuel from organisations like ARI and SOLO Smiling

Given the content of

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Given the content of President Bush's speech, perhaps the quality of Objectivist press releases are making an impact?

Yet Another Mention

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I just posted this update to NoodleFood:

Dr. Peikoff's article was also discussed at some length in this op-ed in an Egyptian weekly newspaper. Here's the key section:

    When I was researching for this article, I looked for material that may help me identify any change that may have occurred in recent US foreign policy. I found an article written by Leonard Peikoff, founder of the Ayn Rand Institute. What caught my eye was not just the title of his article, "End States Who Sponsor Terrorism", but that it was published first 2 October 2001, right after 9/11 and immediately before the war on Afghanistan. The article was republished 9 September 2005, on the fourth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This says volumes about the vision of the US rightwing, and its persistence.

    Peikoff believes that the appeasement policies pursued by successive US administrations towards the Islamic world are responsible for the latter's belligerence, which climaxed on 9/11. Fifty years ago, Truman and Eisenhower's abandonment of oil rights tempted the Muslim world to take its first stabs at freedom. The second stab came from Khomeini's Iran, where US diplomats were held hostage. President Carter, Peikoff goes on, wavered in his response, which encouraged the Muslim world to shed American blood. The first killers were Palestinians who hijacked planes in the late-1960s, before being joined by others eager to get in on the game, Peikoff argues.

    Successive US administrations saw Muslim crimes as individual crimes that call for legal action against the perpetrators. But Peikoff proposes a more radical solution: the eradication of all countries that sponsor terror. The expression of "ending" countries that sponsor terror is not one that Peikoff invented. He borrowed it from Paul Wolfowitz, currently president of the World Bank. Only reluctantly does Peikoff agree with Donald Rumsfeld that nuclear bombs cannot be used. For Peikoff, Iran is the key source of terror. Not only does he call for the destruction of Iranian military power, but he also advises "the destruction of every branch in its government".

    It would be inaccurate to claim that Peikoff's article encapsulates the current US administration. I understand that President Bush, in comparison with Peikoff, may look like Mother Theresa. Furthermore, the failure of US policy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon has given rise to opposition within the ranks of the Republican Party. There is just a slim chance the US administration may learn from its mistakes, but I am not optimistic. This administration is so steeped in its own indoctrination, it is likely to remain as intransigent as ever.

The comment that Dr. Peikoff makes President Bush look like Mother Theresa is more accurate than the author realizes, I'm sure.

-- Diana Hsieh

Praise Peikoff

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I was so proud to wear my INFIDEL shirt today. Good for Peikoff, I'm glad his message got to them.

(Duncan, how are the shirts selling, btw?)

Looks like Peikoff

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Looks like Peikoff is stirring the pot if he is getting this type of reaction.



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That Leonard Peikoff was singled out in this manner is a huge badge of honour for him. And it shows who has KASS. I doubt that Ed Hudgins will be mentioned in al Qaeda depatches!


Funny? Not

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"one of the leading ideologues of American extremism"... Too funny.

Not so funny:
"This is exactly the kind of rotten thinking that animates those living in the extreme west of the globe"

I knew the editors of the Treason Times were a bunch of pukes, but that they would print this is beyond the pale.


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... and as Diana said, who would have thought Peikoff's first mention in a significant New York Times piece comes out of the mouth of an Al Qaeda "intellectual." The irony is surely palpable. Those bastards really do know who their intellectual enemy is,and it isn't George Bush.

Those full-page ads placed by ARI are paying off, aren't they. Good stuff.

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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OMG that's awesome.

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OMG that's awesome.


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Excuse me while I go wash that filth out of my eyes.


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