Perigo and Darnton on Radio Pacific

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* The National Party has nothing to do with this.
* This action was taken to ensure that future governments can't take liberties like this again, and to show them that they are not above the law.
* It will also hopefully limit Parliamentary Service, and allow them to refuse to sign cheques which look dodgy.
* This is not an anti-Labour tactic, almost all parties have been guilty of this, but Labour was by far the worst offender.

Also, Transparency International has warned that New Zealand's reputation for low corruption could be at risk:
Labour risks harming New Zealand's reputation if it refuses to repay taxpayer funds unlawfully spent on campaigning and changes the law to make it legal, an anti-corruption watchdog has warned.

They are also concerned about anonymous donations to parties.

See the whole article here:,2106,3795130a6160,00.html

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Yes it was, in fact the

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Yes it was, in fact the whole show was excellent and a superb editorial as per usual.

Bloody good interview, and

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Bloody good interview, and timely too as I've had a number of people ask me about the lawsuit; I think I'll direct them here.

Great stuff.

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Great interview. And thanks Julian for grabbing the audio.

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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