"Islamic Fascism" and Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Submitted by AdamReed on Wed, 2006-09-13 06:33

There was little in tonight's ARI presentation - Yaron Brook's rehearsal for the Ford Hall forum - that I would not have expected from previous YB and ARI op-eds and articles. But there was one interesting integration that I hadn't seen before. Onkar Ghate joined Yaron Brook for the Q&A. Answering a question about Bush's use of the term "Islamic Fascism," Onkar pointed out an interesting parallel between Bush and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

FDR had a problem indentifying the Nazis as "National Socialists." After all, FDR's "New Deal" was, in everything but name, a local American (that is, "National") version of Socialism. And so, in spite of having few similarities with Mussolini's Italy, where the term "Fascist" was invented, the Nazis were referred to, not as National Socialists, but as German Fascists.

Similarly, Bush's "Faith-Based Initiatives" make it difficult for him to identify Islamic Republics in Iran and Iraq as "Faith-Based Governments." And so - in spite of having even less in common with Mussolini's regime than the German National Socialists - the Mullahs' regime is being called "Islamic Fascism."

Yaron Brook then added that W stopped using the term "Islamic Fascism" almost immediately - perhaps after a phone call from the "Islamic Fascist" regime he had just installed in Iraq.

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But just up the road...

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...is Vanderbilt mansion, which cures me of my ills and enables me to celebrate capitalism and the Gilded Age.

Gentlemen, if we ever have another SOLO Conference in NY, I think a day trip is in order. Smiling


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

KASS, Jennifer People who

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KASS, Jennifer Smiling


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I'd like to be there to shout with you, Jennifer. My hatred for the man is only increasing over time.

A recent punishment I endured was reading Conrad Black's disgraceful hagiography of the Hyde Park Horror, a newwish book entitled 'Franklin Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom.' I'd assumed the title was chosen ironically ...

I'll post a book review here shortly. Feel free to shout at it.

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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Not even slightly, Brant. Smiling


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My Grandfather was a friend of FDR. Now, don't u feel bad for what you just said?! Sad


Complete aside

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Adam, please forgive my tangent, but FDR's historic home is near me in Hyde Park, and every time I have occasion to drive by the place I shout obscenities out the window because the mere sight of the place inspires violence within me.

It's always interesting when there is a passenger accompanying me. Smiling


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

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