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I am kind of excited about the gymnastics progress I am making, and I wanted to brag a little bit to you guys. First, I'm getting more toned. My shoulders and arms are looking much more shapely, and my legs are plain out muscular. I'm way more flexible, way stronger, and have a ton better balance and body control. The best thing though is how cool the skills are. I am getting really good handstands, cartwheels, and roundoffs. I am working on a front tuck flip on the floor (can do it already with a springboard), a standing back handspring, and a roundoff backhandspring. I can almost bridge up and kick over from the floor (I need about 8 in of lift for my feet to kick over). I can do a handspring over a vault. I can do pullovers and back hip circles on the bars. I am working on a cartwheel on the beam. I just got my back tuck on the trampoline (though it isn't pretty yet). Man, I am having so much fun!!!! I hope there is someone on this forum who knows enough gymnastics to know what all that meant cause I really want to share this excitement.


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My gymnastic goal

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To complete the Kama Sutra. Smiling

Gymnastics goals

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First and foremost, I do it because it is fun. I really look forward to it. It helps me relax, makes me feel powerful, and makes me giggle like a child.

It is also great strength exercise, and as I hate lifting weights, I am loving the toning effects that come with such a fun activity. So, I have some goals about how I want to look, and gymnastics is taking me there.

Also, since I teach gymnastics to young kids, I want to improve my skills so that I can have a better idea where the skills I am teaching them are leading. Also, I want to be able to expand the age range of kids I can teach, and be able to give private lessons to cheerleaders.

Also, I am a show off. I really want to just be able to do a back handspring or tuck when I am excited, rahter than just my typical jump or cartwheel or dive roll that I do for joy. Smiling

The specifics are that by the end of the year, I want to doing roundoff backhandsprings and standing backhandsprings, consistent handsprings on the vault, squat ons on the bars, a branny (kind of a no handed cartwheel) and really good back tucks on the trampoline, and consistent cartwheels on the beam. As far as strength, I want to be able to do a long arm pullover (basically an overgrip chinup from hanging while lifting my legs up and over the bar).


Skill indeed!

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Congratulations Kelly. I'm awed and also experiencing phantom pain imagining trying those moves myself.

And congrats to Craig on the clean and jerk. Very tough lift. The catch motion in particular. Here's a site with videos of many of the common exercises used in workouts.


(For a trip check out the "pull-ups, clapping" under the Misc Demos section.)

Here are some videos (of

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Here are some videos (of variable quality, some are downright weird but give you an idea of what the maneuver is about):

Handstand (from Sadler Press)
Front Tuck Flip
Standing Back Handspring
Roundoff back Handspring
Trampoline Back Tuck

Not being a gymnast myself, I'm not sure if they're labelled correctly ... Kelly?


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For what it matters I can kind of follow what you've done from your descriptions (I'm a fan of gymnastics, but I can't do a lick of it) and I think it's pretty amazing that you've mastered as much. I admire the dedication it must've taken to master such tricks (coming from someone who's never mastered the simple cartwheel).

I think it's pretty cool that you've mastered as many techniques over as many seperate areas as you have.

Well done.


Inking is sexy.


Well done Kelly! I'm going

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Well done Kelly! I'm going to have to go searching on Google Video and YouTube for some performances of the routines you mention, so I can understand what you're talking about. As I find them, I'll post links.


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Kelly, do you have any gymnastics goals in mind? Are you trying to learn how to do a little bit of everything? Or is there a routine you have in mind that you'd like to create? I'm assuming also that with most of these movements, once you've learned you intend to continue with them for a while.

At any rate, it sounds like a lot of fun.

I used to love the vault - sigh - so long ago

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"An oak and a reed were arguing about their strength. When a strong wind came up, the reed avoided being uprooted by bending and leaning with the gusts of wind. But the oak stood firm and was torn up by the roots."


Thought I'd share that with your bridge up and kick over Smiling

Good for you.

Rock on, sister!

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Wow, you've come a long way in a short time! Good for you! I'm glad to see you getting so much satisfaction out of this, Kelly. We are seeing a wonderful work in progress. Smiling


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

That's awesome, Kelly!

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Good work! I don't know what half those moves are but I'm impressed. I'll have to look closer for the results next time I see you! (Obligatory lecherous comment from an older man Sticking out tongue)

My own workouts are paying off (My turn to brag here Smiling) and I feel much more control when I'm mixing up cleans, squats, running, etc. I'm starting to get really excited to see what my body is capable of!


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Kelly, as a teenager I taught myself to walk a tightrope. I've recently taught myself how to properly perform the clean and jerk. But no, I don't know most of the moves you mentioned.

Don't think I need to, though. I do know some of them, and your enthusiasm says the rest. Congratulations!

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