Sauce for Moslems, Christians...

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Submitted by AdamReed on Fri, 2006-09-22 19:13

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Christian mobs freed hundreds of prisoners, torched cars, and looted Muslim-owned shops across eastern Indonesia after three Roman Catholics were executed Friday for leading a 2000 attack that killed 70 Muslims.

Real "love your neighbor" in action...

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Painting all with one brush.

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I too have been to Indonesia, and what you outline, Adam, about tits and arse being everywhere, is certainly not the case. Certainly it is in some places - Bali, for instance - but get away from those areas and it isn't quite the same. I have travelled from Bali through to just short of East Timor, and over that distance you pass by a range of beliefs, from the religious to the non-religious to the animist, to Hijab wearers to the fully Burqa'd. Some areas are more Islamic than others, and the area in question is considerably more Islamic than the tit's and arse hanging out places you mention.

Also, corruption is rampant right throughout Indonesia, from the top down. There is corruption in every village, with bribes and graft making there way from the ground all the way to the top.

The fact is, there is a growing Islamic fundamentalism in Indonesia and it threatens Australia. There is no such threat from the Christian population of Indonesia.


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A friend of mine recently returned from London. In the Underground he and a male companion watched a Burka clad "woman" struggling to go up a flight of stairs with a baby carriage, babe in arms, and her young daughter of about nine. As he would have in NYC, my friend offered to help the thing clad in black take the carriage up the steps. He stooped to grab the carriage and the young girl smacked his hand and wagged her finger. She then asked her wraith of a mother a question in Arabic. The mother assented and the girl told my friend his help would be okay. After the easterlings in black departed, my friend's companion, who knew a bit of Arabic, told my him that the young girl had been asking her mother if the "dirty kuffaar" - the infidel - could touch the carriage. Welcome to Londonistan!

Later in the Pub (this was one week after the thwarted airline shampoo-bomb plot) there was only one subject, other than football, as those brits call it, on the mouths of the patrons. When was it going to come time to kill the muslims before they kill us? Sentiment was booze-emboldened, but at least that is one advantage that we have over the throat-cutters. They don't frequent bars. At least not until the mayor Bloombergs of the West ban serving alcohol in them.

Ted Keer, 23 September 2006, NYC


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Not even their supporters claim that the executed cons didn't kill anyone - only that they were not the ring leaders. And Indonesia isn't some kind of Islamic Republic with government Shariah Courts, much less religious police enforcing dhimma. I visited there. You get to see more tits and ass on a typical beach in Indonesia than anywhere in America - only Cape Cod, Malibu and Fire Island even come close to Indonesian standards. The locals don't have a problem with open sale of erotic paintings that would get you arrested in the more Christian parts of Europe. I even bought me a choice one, but my ex-wife got it in the divorce. I'll eat a Twinkie if it was anything other than standard-issue my-God-is-bigger-than-yours religious violence.

No Fun Being A Dhimmy

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I don't blame the Christians for being angry either. Being a Dhimmi must not be fun. Adam, you are trying to paint both Christians and Muslims as equally beligerent. This is not the case. Look, in one sense religion is religion and I am well aware of the dangers posed by those who oppose Islam but apologize for Christianity. But that doesn't change the fact that it is Muslim agression that is engulfing the *entire* world. Christians are for the most part too busy turning the other cheek.


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It would be interesting to know just what kind of a trial these christians had. Whether it was a fair one or not. We have the instigator of the Bali bombings walking free, after a shortened jail term, saying such things as "naked women are more dangerous than the Bali Bombing" while three christians, whose guilt, according to some, may not be properly determined, are executed.

I don't blame

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the christians for being angry. When schoolgirls have to contend with jihadists leaping out at them and cutting their heads off as they walk to school, it tends to generate animosity.

This is just a picture of what's eventually coming to Europe. So far the riots, such as those in france last year, have been one sided, with no one fighting back. But one day that will change.

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