TOS - C. Bradley Thompson: The Decline and Fall of American Conservatism

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Another brilliant article at The Objective Standard.

The Conservatives' "goal is to induce in Americans en masse an arrested, perceptual-level mentality, a mentality that processes all moral and political matters emotionally and then acts accordingly."


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more from Thomson

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Professor Thomson does good work. Here is a recent article about the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism.

- Mike

"Observe that we are tolerant, but only of honesty, not of evasion." - Ayn Rand

The Sin and Danger of Self love

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In his essay, C Bradley Thompson remarks that the individualist, limited government idea is actually un-American. It is important to understand that Conservatists don't understand the American Revolution as a revolution of ideas. They regard it more as an evolution.

The original credo of conservatives is accordingly, not as laid out by the Founding Fathers, but by their Pilgrim forefathers. The character traits that the New Conservatives want to establish harks back to the ones that the Puritans regarded as virtuous. Accordingly, the ideas that generate their policies are the ones in Jefferson's Bible, and not the ones contained in his philosophy of Government. For those interested in pursuing this thought futher, here is a speech by Robert Cushman, one of the original pilgrims The Sin and Danger of Self Love

Note that his premise is the exact opposite of Rational Egoism

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