Perigo Turned Out For A Spell

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2005-12-13 03:35

SOLOists might find this amusing. In NZ there's a race horse, Perigo, named after me. The owner, Archie Dawson, has kept me informed about Perigo's progress from Day One. From the outset, the horse showed enormous promise & frequent brilliance. Just one problem. He's supposed to be a trotter, but he doesn't seem to realise that, and constantly breaks out into a gallop, causing huge consternation and frightful mayhem. I just received this e-mail from Archie. Of course, any resemblance between the horse and its human namesake is purely coincidental:

"After galloping on the grass at Te Aroha and then blitzing
the field in a full flight trot, disappearing down the back
straight with the trainer/driver trying to stop him, decided
to hold meeting with trainer this morning and Keith and I
decided to turn him out for four to five weeks , could be
slightly longer, and give him a good break from racing and
see what develops. Will bring him back in around end of
January or February looking at possible lead up to Rowe Cup
nomination(in March 2006) if he goes Ok, if not then will
turn him out for good. Will let you know what the eventual
outcome is but at least no more worrying about 'breaking'
over holiday period."

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Giddyap, Lindsay. Since we

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Giddyap, Lindsay. Since we can't put you out to stud, we may have to send you off to the knacker's yard Smiling

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