Russian Journalists Critical of Moscow Have Falling Life-Expectancy

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Submitted by James S. Valliant on Mon, 2006-10-16 14:50

Russian journalists critical of the government are being brutally murdered, as you can read here and here.

Hey, you don't suppose that an autocratic state run by an ex-KGB thug is responsible, do ya?

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Absolutely!Just as a matter

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Just as a matter of interest, when I was in Moscow, the underground displayed no advertising except there still remains KGB insignia fixed to the walls.

An Important Topic

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This, as well as the Murder of the Wall Street Journal writer, and the attempted assassination of the Ukrainian Presidential Candidate all disgusted me, not only for the nature of the attacks, but because of the relative silence of our politicians and press. Ukraine is applying to Join NATO. It's time to call a thug a thug.


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