Bloody Bloggers! :-)

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2005-12-13 22:19

I found myself cheering when I clicked on the following link on Diana Hsieh's ... er ... blog just now:


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Modest dude

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This guy is hilarious. If you go to his home page, go to the very funny FAQ. He is asked if there is anything he does like. He says yes with a link. Here is what pops up:

I'm The Center of the Universe.

I'm better than everyone. I kick ass at everything. The other day, someone cut me off on the freeway, so I sped up beside him and I rammed him off the road.

Nobody is as good as I am. Some people think I'm conceited. Oh well.

All my friends think I'm better than they are. Sometimes my friends ask "so how come you rule so much?"

One time I decided to play basketball, but I suck at basketball so I lost. Just kidding, I kicked everyone's ass because I'm the best.

I own everyone at everything. There's no use in trying to be as good as me because it's impossible. There aren't enough words to describe how good I am.


I AM KING. Everyone wishes they were me. EVERYONE.

If I weren't me, I'd wish I was.

I love me.

If you kept up...

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If you kept up, you would have read this somewhere else, ooh, about a year ago. Smiling

What's the collective noun for a group of bloggers?

These two deserve

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These two deserve comment:

"Metrosexual: A gay guy still in the closet. This word is so contemptible that even the man who coined it has since apologized for being such a douche. I cringe every time I hear this word."

I've never considered the above meaning as correct. I've always defined a metrosexual as a man who has an inordinate (and unmanly) fascination with his own appearance. A poser. A dandy. A narcissist.

"Retrosexual: This word wouldn't exist if "metro" didn't happen to rhyme with "retro." It's supposed to mean the opposite of a "metrosexual," which makes it another superfluous word since we already have a word for the opposite of a metrosexual called "straight."

We have a name for Retrosexuals here. They're known as SOLO Thrusters!

I'm gonna have to post a

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I'm gonna have to post a response to this baseless slur on my blog just as soon as I get home ... Smiling

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