Seasoning for Salmon

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Submitted by Marnee on Thu, 2006-10-26 05:32

I was wondering about a good seasoning for salmon. Maybe something that comes prepared from the store or is easy to prepare. I eat a lot of salmon but Im a bit tired of the same old salt, lemon, olive oil combo. Im a bad cook so the simpler the better.

Jen, our gastronome extraordinaire, any suggestions? SOLOists?

Bon apetite.

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Marnee, Apparently this

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Apparently this started out as a thread about salmon. So I'm going to go back to that for a little bit, and approach it from a totally different direction.

In recent years I've become a huge proponent of a biocompatible diet called the Blood Type Diet. Basically, it's extensively based on extensive blood compatibility research that has specifically looked at how all ingested substances are basically interpreted by the body as a form of infiltration, and dealt with accordingly, basically along the same rules as blood transfusions.

With that said, I would highly recommend that you have a look at the series of blood type diet books by Peter D'Adamo. In particular, I would have a look at a book called "Cook Right 4 Your Type". It explains the rationale for the diet, and also lists various spices, oils, wines, and things like that which would have the greatest gastronomical and health benefits.


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*Tch* No doubt the little

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*Tch* No doubt the little guy is a direct product of filthy cigar magazines and dangerous car ads.

Yeah, well

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tell that to the little guy next door - he just drove back with a smoke hangin' out his mouth and he wasn't even wearing a seat belt!

Sydney Morning Herald

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"The Advertising Standards Board ordered Hyundai to pull the advertisement for its Santa Fe model on Tuesday after it ruled that it depicted under-age driving and promoted unlawful behaviour.

It also ruled that the wearing of seatbelts instead of approved child restraints was a matter of safety and should be discouraged in ads."

That is absurd.

Too late...

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I just saw my neighbour's 4-year-old driving down to the dairy to get some ciggies...

Oh Jesus!

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Australia has just banned the Hyundai ad with the toddler driving the car on the grounds that it might lead to "copycat behaviour." Unfuckingbelievable!!

If VW ran that ad, I do

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If VW ran that ad, I do think I'd buy a VW as my next car, regardless of requirements.


Buy and wear InfidelGear - 100% of all InfidelGear profit goes to SOLO!

The ban's lifted?

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Great news! So when is it due to screen again?

As I said...

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In my opinion, this is arguably the best car ad ever written: it’s funny (#1 top selling technique), it’s shocking (#2 top selling technique), it effectively communicates the Single-Minded Proposition of “Tough” (#1 job of any advertising creative) - AND it takes the piss out of the terrorists (bonus points).

However, it’s not a legitimate ad because it never ran. VW spewed when the viral turned up in their email inbox. It’s what they call in our biz a ‘scam ad’, written by a couple of ad students who have since been bagged by a big name agency. But not before they created a shit-storm of Al-Qaeda proportions. They’ll never work on the brand for real.

I liked the Toyota ad too, Lindsay, and was glad to see its ban lifted by the TV wowsers.

I think this is my favourite

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I think this is my favourite car ad ever ...

VW Polo Ad


Buy and wear InfidelGear - 25% of all InfidelGear profit goes to SOLO!


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Very cute. But the best car ad was the one that got banned, with the couple setting booby traps for each other. I wet myself every time that was on. It got funnier with every screening.

The soup one has a male/female couple in bed. The guy is lying with his back to the chick, who is snuggled up to him. We're led to suppose they've just had a supper of this soup. Suddenly the guy gets a look of alarm, then terror on his face, leaps out of bed and goes cowering into the bathroom. He looks back at the chick, who now has a moustache and waggles her/his eyelashes at him with unseemly suggestiveness. Then we hear the line, "Watties soup—it makes a man of you."

No manly soups on my reel...

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However, Claudia and I wrote a rather sexy spot that you may be familiar with...


I should state for the record that the dumbski production company (the late, great Silverscreen) submitted our commercial to the BEST ADS people, who selected it for worldwide exhibition, without rightly crediting my gorgeous co-writer. Couldn’t have done it without her!


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It was very well conceived ... and very well acted. Very hard NOT to roar with laughter. Smiling

The only thing as funny in a similar kind of way was the Watties(?) "So-and-so soup - it makes a man of you" with the couple in bed. Hasn't been on for a while. That one of yours?

The French Kiss...

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remains intact. It was a tough one to sell in - the client hates gays and the French - but I convinced him to put it into research. When successive focus groups roared with laughter he had to concede it was a winner.

Fucked it up?

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I haven't seen it in a while. Haven't ruined the funny/gay bit I hope.

As co-writer and Creative Director...

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Thanks, Lindsay - lovely to get positive consumer feedback. Even if you aren't technically a consumer.

We had a lot of fun making "French Kiss" - and the commercial has worked its derrière off, increasing Regal Salmon sales 30% in the month it aired and 17% over the year.

Pity the client has since fucked it up with a new soundtrack and edit. But it is his property I suppose... G


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Did you do the kiss ad? Cracks me up.

To paraphrase Samuel Johnson...

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Salmon should be panfried in lemon, dill and butter, then tossed out, as good for nothing.


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Last month's Gilded Fork issue included salmon as our main ingredient, so there are some interesting recipe options there.


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Pinko fish

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I tend to agree with Lindsay on this one, can't stand the stuff. However, I happen to write ads for Regal Salmon and they have this very useful site for those who think it's the champagne of fish...

Ross,I've never actually

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I've never actually made that dish (yet -- been thinkin' about it), but I do make a creamy seafood chowder (shrimp, pan-seared scallops, slices of broiled salmon, chopped pancetta, diced spuds, celery, et cetera) seasoned with cumin.  Comes out very tasty, 'specially if I make my special cheesy (romano) croutons to serve with it.


I'll hafta try the piquant sauce w/fenugreek. 

Vive et vale,




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...I've been called many things but never Spice Boy.

I like it! Smiling Use it at will.

Spice Boy

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Your passion and knowledge of spice is most admirable - Ross:)

Goodness me...

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...spring is here and so is Summer.

Summer's recipe would be fantastic. I was going to suggest fenugreek (seed) & black pepper in a piquant sauce, but the cumin will do just as well Eye


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On baked salmon, a simple

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On baked or broiled salmon, a simple bechamel sauce with cumin and black pepper (both to taste) is very tasty.  Serve on a bed of sliced baby potatoes, buttered and seasoned with salt & pepper.  A nice chard completes the dish.

Bah. That's exactly what I

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Bah. That's exactly what I was thinking.

Chef Paul?

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Man, I hope Dom DeLuise doesn't mind being so ruthlessly impersonated Smiling

A store-bought choice

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If you want to try a store-bought seasoning, I can recommend Chef Paul's Salmon Magic:

The man has no taste! Tuna's

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The man has no taste!

Tuna's even better raw than salmon!

I adore sushi, especially

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I adore sushi, especially salmon and Ahi tuna, but if you are going to eat raw fish dont you need to buy that grade of fish? That's not exactly available in the frozen meats section of Trader Joe's. Just sayin.

But these are all good suggestions. I created a creamy concoction of my own last week using Greek Yogurt and tomatoes. Ill try adding some tarragon and look into finding some Old Bay, definetly.

Thanks for all the great suggestions.

Great question, Marnee. I

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Great question, Marnee. I think the responses below are wonderful, so run with them! I am solely a fan of raw salmon, as when served uber-fresh it doesn't have that fishy smell and taste (which makes me gag for reasons culinary and otherwise).


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Old Bay

Alton Brown introduced me to "Old Bay", which is a mixture of seasonings used on seafood (crabs especially) on the east coast. I use lemon juice (sometimes the zest too), salt and Old Bay. I usually eyeball it as to the proper amounts or I would give you the measurements.


Salmon ...

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... is disgusting. It makes me throw up. The only thing worse is tuna. Heterosexuality on a plate. With parmesan?! Oh my god!!


Duncan's pretty much on the

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Duncan's pretty much on the money with eating it raw but also, on baked or grilled salmon, try a creamy tarragon sauce or mayo. Tarragon is killer with chicken, fish, and especially scallops.

If you're watching the calories (and I can't believe you are Smiling), use unsweetened yoghurt with tarragon in it and a good pinch of salt. Let the tarragon sit in the yoghurt for ten minutes and stir a few times. Also, finely dice some peeled and seeded cucumber into the mix.

Also, try searing the skin side of the salmon in a very hot pan, then sprinkle some parmesan and *lots* of ground black pepper onto the flesh side, and finish it off under a grill (broiler). Smells great, tastes better Smiling

Soy Sauce Tip

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Absolutely! Duncan.

Especially when you use "ketjap manis" Indonesian soy sauce Smiling

Salmon is best raw (sashimi)

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Salmon is best raw (sashimi) - take a salmon fillet, remove the skin, & slice thinly. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi, but really, it's best without anything added at all.

Dill is Key I See

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Awesome Sandi. Thanks so much. Very simple. Cant wait to try them out.


piece de resistance

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Ok Marnee, here's two wonderful dishes from moi.

1: Slice through the salmon fillets and fill each slice with slices of fresh garlic, dot with butter and top with freshly chopped dill.
Wrap in tin foil and put in the oven for about 15 - 20 mins. Serve in the foil, so that way all the juices remain intact and hot. I usually serve this with asparagus, brocolli, small carrots and bok choy - also wrapped in foil - cooked the same way, but removed from the foil for serving.

2: Slice through the salmon fillets and rub in, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, raw sugar and black pepper. Grill for about 15mins until brown and YUMMY. This salmon fillet can also be served cold and is delicious for a picnic - served with a cheeky, spicy Gwertztraminer.

bon appétit
and hugs

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