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Submitted by Ted Keer on Sun, 2006-10-29 03:32

Apparently DailyKos is arguing that Libertarians should vote Democratic this coming election in the US. Andrew Sullivan is speaking on his new The Conservative Soul on Book TV at 1130PM EDT.

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Always my privilege

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to serve in the pro-Marnee faction, Marnee



But thanks for trying Ted.

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But thanks for trying, Ted.

But as a practical matter...

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Brooks doesn't think we can "practice the politics of doubt" and win... I guess its useless to comment moment by moment on confused thinkers.


"Doubt" is the root of

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"Doubt" is the root of freedom, huh?

Such as in, "We declare these truths to be self-evident..."?

Egads. Thanks.

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Per David Brooks, "house Republican" of the NYT

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"The key sense of awareness that conservatives have abandoned is epistemological modesty"

This is a moderate Republican "thinker's" criticism of the Bush administration.


CSPAN2 is a U.S. Cable TV Channel

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There may be an online link, The dicussion was hosted by the CATO institute on 10/03 this month. The discussion is a panel discussion, David Brooks from the NYT will be speaking next, commenting on Sullivan, CSPAN's titles are overly vague.

How did Boaz reply? Can we

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How did Boaz reply? Can we see this online?

Western Freedom is Rooted in Doubt & Fallibility!?

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Okay, so Sullivan has declared that "Doubt" is the root of freedom. Wonderful. When "one" becomes certain that one is right, he can do great damage to human society. No differentiation between whether that is private certainty in making a market investment, or certainty using force to compel others in how they live or spend their own money. Ugh. The liberal state has its origins in Hobbes' doubt. If one doesn't doubt we get governement by text:
the affluent society
communist manifesto

Doubt, of course, is the key
beware the activist man
avoid the truth with a capital T

I have to wonder if Andrew doubts himself...

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