Firefox 2 & spell-check

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Wed, 2006-11-01 05:00

Firefox 2 has just been released.

Best enhancement is the new spell-check feature. Whenever you add text to an input area such as a SOLO comment box, Firefox will check spelling as you type, underlining any suspicious words. You can right-click on a suspect to get some alternatives or to add it to your local dictionary.

You can also add dictionaries in different languages.

Very handy for those SOLOists who might need a little help... as we all do sometimes Cool

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Good points, Jeff.

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Good points, Jeff.

FF is a memory hog and I can only assume it's the Gecko, as Thunderbird also grabs a big handful of RAM. Load time isn't too hot, either.

I have around 20 extensions and all have been upgraded to v2.0 but not my preferred theme. That's only a matter of time, though.

I think the move to close buttons on each tab is useless and annoying. I'll be going back to a uni-button ASAP.

It's definitely FF's extensibility that is the big plus, and a compliment to it's usability that MS copied almost everything worthwhile for IE7.

Memory consumption

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As part of my research, I often open a dozen or more tabs that load different websites. Firefox consumes 100-200MB when I do this. this is absurd, since they're mostly news sites.

Still, it's infinitely better than IE and marginally better than Opera in every respect, so I stick with it.

I installed FF2, though, and didn't care for it. (I didn't like the interface, it didn't resolve the memory issue, and it wasn't compatible with an extension that does what FF promises to do - open left-clicked URLs into another tab. That option still doesn't work in FF. Also, they took away the x that allows closing tabs on the right hand of the screen, though I'm told it's possible to change the config to put it back.) So, I went back to FF1.5 and intend to stay there until they fix some things or I'm forced to upgrade.

The one thing the FF dev team apparently lacks -- as it must by the nature of open source -- is a dev team manager that knows what he's doing across the board. (Not that the IE team is much better.) But, for volunteers, they do a great job!

There are extensions that

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There are extensions that will do that for you, Sandi.

But don't just put all your bookmarks in one place. Categorise them.

Here's the extension > bookmarks page for Firefox.

I jest traid et awt.Haa's et

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I jest traid et awt.Haa's et werkinga?I thenk I hef eet in Rex mowd.


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My bookmarks were copied over from Explorer, without any problems.

Has anyone found an "add" to Bookmarks short cut for the tool bar?

Mac Genius

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Phil, was that before there was such a thing as a Mac Genius? I'm counting the days until we switch over to Mac, and will happily belly up to the Genius Bar at my Apple store and hand everything over. Let them figure it out. Smiling


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Thanks, guys, I'll give it a

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Thanks, guys, I'll give it a try. (Probably I just have a bad taste in my mouth re importing/exporting stuff from when I tried to move bookmarks, email addresses, etc. when I converted from PC to MAC...and thus assumed it was always difficult.)

Phil, I don't know which

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Phil, I don't know which file format Safari uses for it's bookmarks, but it can probably export them to a few formats. FF can import from html files, and I'm sure Safari can export to that.

I've never tried it myself

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I've never tried it myself (not owning a Mac), but apparently it's quite easy.

I need this one

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I have a tendency to misspell all kinds of things on these message forum posts. Especially when I'm in a bad mood.

- Jason

What bothers me (among many

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What bothers me (among many other things) about the Macintosh opsys and utilities is the memory leak / memory hogging in Safari. I have one gig of memory and open a dozen browser tabs and a dozen Word files and I end up with only 12-20 MB of memory...and when its at the lower figure, my PowerBook G4 slows down as if molasses had been poured through it.

I've thought about switching to Firefox (I use it on my Windows PC and it's great), but I have tons of bookmarks in Safari...and I suspect porting them is to Firefox would be a huge headache.


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I too, am using FF2 and totally agree, the spell check is the best thing since sliced bread. I also notice that FF2 is much faster loading than Explorer.

I switch to FF2 a few days

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I switch to FF2 a few days after release ... it's great. A few users have reported stability & memory leak issues, but I've experienced nothing of the kind.

What is scary is the number of spelling mistakes I think I've been making prior to the spell checker ... it's catching a disconcerting number.

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