When Curves Were Fashionable

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Submitted by Prima Donna on Fri, 2006-11-03 06:48

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I must admit to having a silly boy crush on Jaqueline du Pre.

Adam Buker

Music Composition

Curves are always

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Curves are always fashionable, no matter what the media would lead us to beleive. I'm certian of this.

A prime example: Tyra Banks

Speaking of great curves...

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...this is the magnificent Jackie du Pre (1945-1987) playing her Davidov Stradivarius cello (built by Antonio Stradivari in 1712) and willed to fellow great Yo-Yo Ma upon her death from multiple sclerosis at the age of only 42.

[hit your F11 key to get the full impact of these pics]

Now there's some beautiful curves, both on Jackie and the Strad.

285 years later Sonus Faber, an Italian hi-fi company, released a line of exquisitely built loudspeakers in homage to the great stringed instrument makers—Guarneri, Amati & Stradivari—of Cremona in northern Italy. The culmination of that line was this, the $40,000 Stradivari.

Look and weep. Aren't curves lovely?

Goodness me...

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...I really do have to clean up my reputation. I'm now being referred, publicly, to softporn sites!

No artificial additives or flavouring

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Jennifer, that's a fabulous site. I really enjoyed it.
Methinks you might have sorted out Spice Boy's spare time over the weekend (wink).

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