Iraq, Ideology and Narnia - They all meet at the same line

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Submitted by Max on Wed, 2005-12-14 17:38

There have been three posts at Positive Liberty, that can be considered to argue about the Iraq War and which I found intruiging. Albeit I don't share the opinion of Sandefur and Kuznicki


- The Chronicles of Narnia and War:

- Our War:

- Our War, still:

I will respond to them later, when I have more time to get my thoughts on the paper (well, screen or file in this case), but I think that they are right on some things, but messed up on others. I still disagree, that the Iraq War was a necessary or a constitutional war and at last, I believe it was a war the US founding father's would not have waged. However, there are some points in there, that have been made in other posts as well, but clearly Sandefur and Kuznicki have wrote them down eloquently as I possibly couldn't do.

Check it out, it's worth the read. (still trying to get links work)

Missing out.

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Well it seems as if my copy&paste got totally wrong. The second line goes: Albeit I don't share the opinion of Sandefur and Kuznicki, I still believe that they drive home valuable points and are rightfully sceptical about several things in this "War" on Terror.

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