FOX NEWS has declared Rick Santorum has lost his campaign for re-election

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Submitted by Ted Keer on Wed, 2006-11-08 01:39

It's a shame we won't get a chance to see him removed from office by some sex scandal instead...

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The Space afforded by a wonderjock

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Usually prevents such explosions, Ross.

"Mexicans rarely explode"

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True, but when they do... oh, the scent of well-roasted chile permeates for miles.

Mexicans rarely explode

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In his case, I think that his base were just not going to go out of their way to support him. He ran on fear mongering - "My God, do you actually want a Democrat to hold my seat?" and courting the anti-gay and anti-immigrant vote. FOX NEWS made a big stink about a famous sandwich joint in Phila that had posted an English only sign. Santorum was always around to praise such things. Turns out that that business (where I have gotten take out hundreds of times) ended up backing off the rule. They left up the sign, but told salivating nativists that those who don't order in English "might not get exactly what they ordered.' Market forces made them abandon their "strict" English only stance.

Let me say that I do think English-only is proper in legal matters. I am for open but regulated borders. Mexicans rarely explode themselves on subways or decapitate jounalists.


It's good

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that a religious-right loony was ousted, though was he ousted for religious-right looneyism, or something else?

His Smile Alone was Bad Enough

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You should warn the faint-of-heart what they'll see when they follow that link. I had already been aware of the definition, but chose not to repeat it. Santorum's TV presence alone was enough to make me gag. He's been a long-time boil on the bum of Pennsylvania politics. I've always wondered about his last name, since "sanctorum" means "of the holy ones" in Latin. Holier than thou was more like it. As I said, a shame he wasn't removed by some scandal. Given the proper jail sentence, he could have had the opportunity to test some of his pet theories.


Thanks to sex columnist Dan

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Thanks to sex columnist Dan Savage, who despite being a left-wing loon, did the world a favor by coining this definition of Santorum, which is now the #1 Google hit for the word.


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Santorum is the religious-right lunatic who compared homosexuality to bestiality on the senate floor.


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