Ok..my apologies...I might've spoken too soon...some good might have come out of this election

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Submitted by KingRandor82 on Wed, 2006-11-08 08:21

I'm reading some more coverage online right now- I'll confess; it's on Yahoo News, but the tone is a bit different than usual- and by different, I don't mean it's "positive". I mean that this seems to be a situation of "let's wait and see what happens"- as apparently many of the Democrats elected this year are apparently somewhat more conservative than all the psycho RINOS we've had in there up till now..at least that's what the piece implies.

To top it off, face the facts- they want to set the stage lookin' nice and pretty for Hillary in 2008...with that in mind, they're really in no position now to try anything really stupid, which would hurt the wife of Don Clinteone.

Again, it's a "wait and see" scenario- and I can't believe I'm actually saying that about Democrats, but again- we shall see.

As for the state I currently live in- yeah, Tom Kean lost, and I don't care. I voted "for him"( actually against his opponent), but I could barely stand him- I kept being reminded of Steve Carell as the 40 Year Old Virgin every time I looked at him, and as the election drew closer, he kept basically telling voters "I'm a RINO...DAMMIT I'M A RINO! WHY DOES NO ONE WANT TO LISTEN TO ME?! I'M A RINO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Basically, I voted "for him" as one final act of giving a chance to NJ to improve- yeah, that ain't happening. Oh well.

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