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Submitted by Landon Erp on Wed, 2005-12-14 19:53

I started a thread on this at the old SOLO. Got a lot of informative info thought it was worth reposting.

I may as well be honest about my reasoning for this... in my comic the first and highest profile romantic couple in my comic is a lesbian couple... not being a lesbian myself, I'm positive that without proper research I'm going to be getting things wrong right and left.

I've been kind of thinking about movies with gay themes lately. Since a lot of the culture making them is liberal/pomo they tend to be pretty bleak. Rapes and violence hapening every few minutes, people seeming dreadfully depressed through the whole thing EVEN WHEN THEY FALL IN LOVE, and long discussions of the minor points of being homosexual (while educational to a hetero like me, aren't always entertaining).

That being said I've also seen some excellent ones with individualistic themes and uplifiting stories, and I thought a thread where people could list some of their favorites here might be nice.

The strange but incredibly true story of two girls in love

This is one of the first, and best films I've seen along these lines. It covers two high school students, a young white lesbian (virgin, but certain in her orientation) who was taken in by lesbian friends and relatives who fit the normal stereotype and discourage her from interacting with outsiders. She's often teased because though she doesn't admit to her homosexuality in public, but doesn't do much to hide it either.

The other is a black girl who has a boyfriend and is about as popular and typical as you can get. She meets the other young girl, and becomes friendly and a bit curious about her (she's never met a lesbian before). Over the course of the film they become friends, and later more. They take on their families, their friends, their school, all for the purpose of being left alone to be themselves and love each other.

But I'm a cheerleader

The story of an "intervention" on a closeted cheerleader. She has a typical life, a typical boyfriend, but for some reason she posts pictures of scantily clad women in her locker, and thinks of memories from cheerleading practice when she kisses her boyfriend. She comes home one day to an intervention of her family and friends which leads to her being taken to a camp for gender re-education.

All the girls at this camp are dressed in overtly feminine pink outfits, the boys in blue. The purpose of this camp is treating homosexuality in the same manner as a 12 step program. With the ultimate goal of graduating into heterosexuality.

The joke is that the program obviously doesn't work, flirting is rampant, and the proud "graduates" who work as counselors are obviously still lusting after their own sex but severely repressing it. Some girl's going as far as shocking themselves when they have sexual thoughts of other girls.

During the course of this the lead character comes to terms with it and starts trying to "get better." But during the course of the movie the lead falls in love with a wealthy heiress who will be disinherited if she doesn't "straighten up."

Towards the end of the movie the lead character and a male counterpart (a greco-roman wrestler) both get caught with their respective lovers... the two make the big sacrifice for love and are taken in by refugees from the program (two ex-staff members that are now lovers). Here they finally come to terms with themselves and plan the climax.

At the graduation ceremony where their lovers are about to be considered "straight," the girl starts the invasion. Her girlfriend always wanted to see her cheer, so she wears her cheering outfit and proclaims her love before the whole crowd with a cheer.

They escape with their lovers, feeling safe and proud in their own skins.

(as a side note I watched this movie again and I later had some new observations on things I had forgot as follows)

I just watched but "I'm a cheerleader" again last night and I'm happy to say it's even better than I remember. The music is great, it's light and goofy during all the re-education scenes, and tender and sweet during the love scenes (which are tastefully shot, well acted and beautiful).

There are also interesting sub-plots I'd forgotten involving a rather butch looking female softball player who was molested. She was forced into the program but has a revelation halfway through, she gets shocked when one of the other girls starts flirting with her, at one point to answer a simple question she blurts out "I like balls" and it culminates with her realizing she was never gay in the first place, she just liked sports and wasn't as pretty as some girls.

As well as some of the amazingly misinformed ideas on what homosexuality means "You now will get to experience one of the greatest things about being heterosexual. Friendship."


The story of a closeted priest and a parish with many other secrets. The lead moves in with an established priest, who is secretly keeping a woman he is in love with. The lead is disgusted with this but he says nothing, though his disgust is evident. But the reason becomes clear why he says nothing, when he picks up a young man at a gay bar.

He tries keeping this secret through most of the film. He also faces a dilemma, a young girl confesses to being molested, the father brags about it... he tries in vain for most of the film to get the mother to stop it, but he has to keep confessions confidential.

In the final act his life falls apart, the mother finds out about the abuse (walking in on it), and blames him for not telling her. His affair gets discovered, and he gets treated like trash by his own church. By this point he finally understands is former roommate, and they learn from each other.

The roommate risks everything by allowing the main character back to the parish to give communion. Both are subsequently denounced by most of the parish, but the film ends with the lead and the young girl holding each other... wishing they could've helped each other better.

The film also contains great lines such as "I pray constantly for an end to my sinfulness, I go to the cross where I see a nude man utterly beautiful, utterly desireable," "With all the horrible things going on in this world, I think god has higher priorities than what men do with their dicks!"

Those are three of my favorites anyway.


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Beautiful creatures?

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Finally saw it and I've been meaning to post on this for a while. I seriously think people cut this film too much slack based on the Mario Lanza angle.

I've seen better more life affirming films about lesbian MURDERERS. That's really the thing that hits me about this film. The murder seems needlessly viscious and cruel and by that point in the film I find myself disliking the protagonists anyway.

And to top that off they don't even strike me as a particularly romantic couple. The relationship reminds me of Brokeback Mountain, in that the two men had a relationship that purposely blurred the line between a close friendship and a deep romantic love that was necessitated by how the two men viewed homosexuality in general. The two girls in this film seemed to have very few ties to relaity and the few romantic/sexual interactions seem too frivolous and and have no real weight to them.

Contrast this to the film "Monster" where you get how deep, passionate and desperate the two women's desire for each other is. Aileen pushes herself to do things beyond imagining to keep her close to her lover, and the heartbreak is devastating when that same lover basically gets her executed in order to protect herself unjustly. Another good example is the movie "Sister my Sister" based on another true story about two girls who worked as servants, who had no hope and nothing without each other and the desperation pushed them into a situation they both knew they shouldn't have been in that ended terribly.

In those cases I feel a modicum of sympathy for the murderous lovers, because their crimes come from a real desperation that is closely tied to reality, as opposed to the girls who just seemed cruel and frivolous and out of touch in beautiful creatures.

And likewise in both of those films it feels justified that the couples if they lived were split apart for life. I get the impression in "Beautiful Creatures" that I'm supposed to view the girls split as tragic.

And bottom line, the whole situation seemed too much like typical teenage drama with a tragic twist to really be worthy of sympathy. the whole situation didn't cost them enough to make for a "Beautiful Tragedy."

By that I mean that the stories behind Monster and Sister my Sister (at least how they were presented) had a bittersweet feeling to them. Horrible things were happening around and maybe even as a result of this romance, but it also seems like this relationship was the happiest time of the entire lives of everyone involved. Aileen Wormos' life was on a horrendous downward spiral, but for the first time in that tragic and pitiful life, she felt loved, and she felt love.

A final note being don't confuse my appraisals of "Sister my Sister" and "Monster" as being as beautiful and life affirming as something like "The Sound of Music." I'm just saying they are light years ahead of "Beautiful Creatures."


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Transgender Films

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Anybody seen TransAmerica yet?

It's a great film and I fell in love with it when I saw it. It's about a man trying to get the final approval from his psychologists so that he can become a woman, who gets turned upside down when he finds out he has a son.
The movie is about their journey to know each other, and know themselves. It's a great film, starring Felicity Huffman that knocked my socks off. It's very dramatic and heartbreaking, but it has some absolutely hilarious scenes too!
Go and see it!


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Ironically I had a similar experience. I rented the movie once and didn't watch it too closely so I remembered very little. When I saw it again the film thouroughly impressed me, and as you stated what impressed me was the fact that the plot was driven by devotion to ideas.

Though I am somewhat saddened to admit it probably would've been lost on me the first time anyway, due to the fact that at the time I was going through a short lived nihilistic phase.


Inking is sexy.


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I've reprised this thread 'cos I watched Priest on DVD last night. I had seen it when it first came out in 1994, but remembered next to nothing of it. Watching it again I was extremely impressed. A movie with a plot, and themes involving ideas! Objectivists will easily spot the sad dichotomy of the competing conservative and liberal theologies involved, but the way in which the conflict was made to play out was rivetting. Unlike Brokeback this movie ends in triumphant self-acceptance. And there's some terrific humour. For instance, when our gay priest is relocated in disgrace to a new parish and meets his new mentor, a cantankerous conservative old fart, he is treated to a diatribe in Latin which he doesn't understand. "I'm sorry, " he says, "you've lost me." "I said," replies the old fart in English, "you are a boil on the body of Christ, a seething cauldron of pus" (or something like that). Priest responds drily: "Ah. Well, I think I preferred it in Latin."

Highly recommended!


SFU Season 2

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Six Feet Under was one of the best shows on television, period. Yes, you are correct Ted, "HBO's Six Feet Under was highly inconsistent". But so is living life. And I think you are all wet on David and Keith. I thought that their relationship was the most realistic portrayal of all in the show. Although yours truly, the geek, hasn't found his Keith, I know plenty of friends who have. Damn them!

Mike Robb

Saving Face

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Kind of back on the topic of my original post, I recently viewed a movie called "Saving Face."

It's about a young Asian doctor named Wil who's somewhat traditional mother moves in with her after being ousted from her local chinese community for getting pregnant out of wedlock and refusing to name the father. The timing on this could not be worse seeing as she's just reconnected with a girl named Vivian, who she knew in childhood, that has been crushing on her since she was eight years old. The problem here is that Wil is not out to her mother and strains to find time to share between the two women in her life.

The chemistry between everyone in this film is amazing, and once its finished and all is resolved you're left feeling amazingly positive. And though there are some heavy ethnic angles and gay angles, at it's core it's just a sweet romantic comedy.

As I mentioned in my initial post, most films with gay themes tend to be... I think the best term for it is "slit-your-wrists-depressing." And I love the bravery this film shows in the final scenes to create the most joyous life-affirming ending possible. It's like Francisco's laugh it's just this statement that life and love can be amazingly wonderful.

I really haven't been able to get enough of this film lately and I just thought I'd mention it.


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Six Feet Under (Season II)

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To paraphrase Mae West, "When it was bad, it was still good; when it really was good, it was even better!"

HBO's Six Feet Under was highly inconsistent in the way that one can expect from a vehicle written and directed week to week by different artists with different visions. The series' wrenching twists, such as the opening of season three when we find that a lead character has married a side-plot character off screen, led to the viewer discontent which ended the show before it ever reached a potential it might have had. Yet even the bad shows were gripping.

We follow the lives and loves of the two sons Nate & David Fisher who inherit the family-owned funeral parlor from their father who dies prematurely in the first episode. Death's ever-presence and how we must deal with it and live in joy in spite of it are the recurring theme. The show suffered some from an idealization of the gay son David as the most virtuous character. He leads what can be seen as a gay man's fantasy life, a nerd living publicly with a muscular hunk who is either coming to his rescue or having passionate make-up sex with him in alternative shows. David's mother and sister each go through a series of dysfunctional relationships where they are blind to the trouble into which they are getting themselves. Straight son Nate's on-and-off relationship with the brilliant but troubled and insecure Brenda was the central storyline and perhaps the most realistic relationship of all those presented. I rooted for them through season two, to the point of yelling at the screen when they sabotaged themselves. The abandonment of their relationship in season three, to be resumed in season four, was off-putting.

The best artistic effect of the show was often the weekly device of dealing with a client's death and burial and its effects on the client's family and on the Fisher family. The second season was the show's peak, with the characters established and the kinks worked out (or worked in?) and before the yanking detour of the third season. My favorite episode stylistically began with the passing of an unprepossessing Buddhist who dies while taking the trash to the curb. The end of this episode, with characters standing alone in their grief under a [metaphoric Bodhi] tree while we listen to hypnotic Buddhist chants was executed with the simple poignant beauty of an Oriental still life.

Ted Keer, Sep 22, 2006, NYC


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I...HATE...Queer as

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I...HATE...Queer as Folk...ewww. ughhh. arggg..

"Tales of the City" Armistead Maupin

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I would bring to our attention three T.V. series that I feel have much better worth than what I've seen of Q.a.F. In this post I will address one.

Amistead Maupin's Tales of the City (available on DVD at is brilliant writing and sense of life melodrama. Laura Linney's lead on the TV series is a straight woman with a sheltered but benevolent view of life who is thrown into freedom, turmoil & ultimately ecstasy by living amongst a cast of characters ranging from a loveless and manipulative bisexual boss, a mysterious landlady with a hidden past, a rural boy come to the big city to leave the closet, and a self-destructive hermit whom she tries her hardest to befriend. The many plot strands and twists are Randian in their complexity and ingenuity. You never expect the actual reasons for a character's actions until they are revealed, yet you see you should have known all along. Just wait till you find out why a lesbian characyter doesn't want her lover and her parents to meet. Think twice. This series is well justified for the esteem and critical regard in which it is held.

Ted Keer, Sep 21, 2006, NYC

I was frankly surprised that there has been positive regard for Queer as Folk here. Perhaps I missed the good episodes? But the cattiness and petty nastiness of the characters I did see totally turned me off. Perhaps someone could suggest a string of episodes they would recommend from which I might get a better sampling?

Brokeback Mountain

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It cannot to be too popular as it is reduced to £6 in my local HMV.

You would have to pay me a large fee to watch it!

I am in the same boat as you

I am in the same boat as you AB regarding Queer as Folk. I will own them all eventually. I speak 'Brian Kenny' silently to myself about as often as 'John Galt' and for the same reasons.


really not anne hathaway?

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I can't believe i was wrong about that. Damn me and my failing memory. Sorry to get your hopes up Smiling.

Okay, i have to state it, though it's not a movie. Queer. As. Folk. I am truly in love with that series (I own the first season, and if i weren't so terribly, pitably broke I would own all four). There is absolutely nothing i dislike about it. Talk about HOT HOT HOT. My fiancee even watches it with me, and has become obsessed in his own right (things that make you go "ohhh yeahhh"). As a matter of fact, the undeniable lead in the series, Brian Kinney (Gale Harold, now starring in the lamest new show on Fox, "Vanished"....terrible, terrible writing) is referred to in one scene as "the love child of Ayn Rand and James Dean". Great music, absolutely the best sex scenes i have ever seen, great writing, great characters...sigh...Exsquisite.

Bound...Gina Gershon in a "wife-beater". Yum Yum. Kudos for mentioning that.



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Not being gay, but having grown up in a rural community I can relate. In the town I went to school in NO ONE comes out of the closet until they're graduated and safely out of town. The threat of violence isn't as real now as it was back then, but we're talking about a town that has Klan rallys in broad daylight in town square.

I think that part of my background is a big part of why I appreciated it so much (and specifically Ledger's performance).

As to Joe, I hadn't really thought of the We the Living paralells until you mentioned them but now I don't think I'll be able to view the film without them coming to mind.


Inking is sexy.


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I didn't think what I wrote could be misinterpreted. But I think the important thing is that the appropriate lesbian has been identified.


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I had to go the "view threaded" route to make sure your response was to me. (We usually solve these ambiguities on SOLO by making some reference to whom/what we're responding to.) Yes, to my disappointment, it's not Anne Hathaway in Lost and Delirious, but rather a Jessica Paré, still a fine-looking female in her own right.

Turns out, by coincidence, that I have this amongst my "at home" Netflix discs already. By some mysterious weeding-out process, films of this persuasion have a higher than expected tendency to appear near the top of my Netflix queue. It's just that I haven't been doing movie-watching lately, the only explanation for my not having yet seen it.

Stephen, thanks for adding

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Stephen, thanks for adding that, and thanks for understanding it, Jen!

I had said something similar on the BROKEBACK thread, but gave it more thought after reading this. Yes, it is a tragedy, and yes, the time period did make it hard for many to come out, let alone accept the fact of one's homosexuality. The religious, social, and legal persecution made an environment that only a hero could endure. And the emphasis on the tragedy is similar to WE THE LIVING, where Rand had Kira die at the end. To have Kira escape would say that the situation in Russia was not important, when Rand wanted to say that those who escape are accidents.

I read some criticisms of the movie that condemn Heath Ledger's character for giving in. At first I thought the critics missed the point; it was an environment similar to WE THE LIVING, and if he had a happy ending, that would trivialize the situation. But his character was not a hero, either. He did not make a valliant effort to fight, he gave in pretty quickly and lived. In that sense, the critics here are right.

HOWEVER...I wonder about the focus...Why are we focusing on HIS character when there is another (whatever Jake Gyllenhall's character name was...)? HE was the Kira of the story, the one who DID fight, and the one who died for it. Maybe the story was meant to be seen through Heath's eyes ( I don't remember now), but he was more the "Leo" of the story, who is broken by the system. If the focus goes to Gyllenhall, then we have a different story...

Aside from the hot scenes of

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Aside from the hot scenes of sweet man love, I had a non-gay reason for appreciating Brokeback: for introducing me to Anne Hathaway. Hubba times ten.

Overrated movie, I thought. Had what it takes to get fashionable critical jaws to drop, but I haven't really been impressed with director Ang Lee's output.

Kudos to the casting folks for the Anne Hathaway pick, though.

Heath Leger's acting

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I thought Heath Ledger was right on with his character too. Usually, I am so hot for him, I can hardly stand it. But he was so good at playing a gay man, that I even responded to him differently physically. Also, though the story is a tragedy, I loved the deep resonating tragedy of it. Nothing fake or trite. It was sadness done majestically.

I am very sorry for what you had to endure as a young man, and very glad that you weathered it and stayed together for so long. Love conquers all isn't always true, but I'm glad it was in your case. Smiling



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Thank you so much for that insight, Stephen, as it adds a great deal of context to the story. I suppose it is easy to say from my armchair how Heath Ledger's character should have had more courage, but now that I have more understanding of the dangers involved, I see how the movie has resonated so strongly with people. Thank you for being willing to share your story.


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Brokeback Mountain

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Kelly, Jennifer, and Landon,

I liked Brokeback Mountain very much. It is pathos, yes, but it is an exquisite artistic rendering of the way things were and of love.

The social setting in which I grew up was not much different than is portrayed in this film. My life at age 19 had been entirely in Oklahoma. When I learned I was gay, it was 1968, and the name "gay" was not yet the name for it, at least not in my world. It was in summer-term after my sophmore year in college at Norman. My best friend seduced me, and he was right. We became lovers and continued together to his death in 1990. From my first experience that summer of 1968, I knew that everyone in my previous world had been putting on (or anyway not openly challenging) a vast lie. The truth was that gay sex was fully human and fully good.

I cannot begin to tell you the social terror, in those days, of anyone finding out about Jerry and me. There was a standing threat of being physically attacked, ostracized, prosecuted, put away. The difference for Jerry and I and the two characters in the film was that we had brightness, talent, and education, and we got out of there. Also, social attitudes in America towards homosexuals were about to improve, generally speaking.

When I first saw Brokeback Mountain, I was blown away by the performance of Heath Ledger. The way he talked---everything---was right. That's the way it was. This was a beautiful film in many ways.


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Yes, I do get that, Landon, but I guess I didn't need to see the movie to know it. To each his own, in any case.


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.


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That's why I kind of took it as a fable. This is what not standing up for what matters to you will cause you.


Inking is sexy.

Pas moi.

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I didn't enjoy Brokeback Mountain at all; I actually found it very depressing. The story was somewhat interesting, but I wanted to throttle Keith Ledger's character by the end (and not in a good way). Smiling To me, it was the story of two wasted lives and a lack of courage.


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Brokeback Mtn

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I loved Brokeback Mountain. Beautiful scenery (of the landscape and the hot guy varieties), interesting story, believable love. And yes, it was sexy. Very.


I don't think that was her.

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I don't think that was her.


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My favorite "gay" movie (God, I hate that word) would be Bound with Gina Gershon & Jennifer Tilly. Two sexy broads, Gershon's butch building superintendent meets Tilly the gangster's Moll when remodelling the room next that of to gangster Joe Pantoliano. Joe's a brutal yutz who slaps Tilly around, Tilly finds comfort and a better "man" in Gershon.

The movie is quite excellent, with a rivetting plot and great over-the top performances by the leads. The sense of life expressed in the ending is wonderful. The ladies are more sensual, more rational, more ruthless, more intelligent and more happy than the so called men in this film. Gershon got a nose-job shortly after the film, I haven't yet forgiven her for this.

Ted Keer, Sep 17, 2006, NYC

While not quite a movie...

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This might as well go under here; technically it's a TV series, but since it was only ever shown in Japan and is only available via DVD or piracy in other countries, placing it under "movies" is as good a place as any.

Gravitation is a short, 13-episode anime series about a young man named Shuichi who's in a band with his friend Hiro. One night Shuichi is in the park writing lyrics to what will be their first big song, when the paper blows out of his hand and an older man picks it up. The man tells him that the song lyrics are crap and then leaves. Shuichi finds that he can't forget about the man and, seeing him in his car one day, leaps in front of him and is taken back to his house. Presumably, Shuichi intends to tell the man (whose name is Yuki) off, but finds himself attracted to him.

The show goes on, with the two becoming lovers and going through the ups and downs of a relationship, including Yuki's arranged marriage and his struggle with an abusive past. The soundtrack is, IMHO, awesome, and there are some side-splittingly funny moments. Watch it in Japanese with subtitles; nobody captures Shuichi and Yuki like their Japanese voice actors do.

Actually, Anne Perry lives

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Actually, Anne Perry lives in Scotland now, and Pauline runs a farm of sorts down in Southern England. It's a small world.

I'd walked over the murder site many times before I even knew about the story via Peter Jackson's movie. For a while I developed a strange fascination with the story.

Woa, woa, woa, wait a sec

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Anne Hathaway in a lesbian film?

Time to go update my Netflix queue . . .

On Heavenly Creatures

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Watching this movie some years ago, i briefly became obsessed with it. The love affair between the two girls (and yes, they were in love)was presented in such a rich, wild, and wonderful manner. In contrast to this, the scenes with the other people in the film seem flat and colorless to me. A point of interest? This is a true story..the girls, Juliet Hulme and Paulina Parker did indeed kill Paulina's mother with a brick, and did indeed serve about 5 years in prison. And yes, a condition of their release was that they never see each other again. Which is something you probably all know. What you might not know however (although it is easily found on the internet),is that after her release Juliet Hulme(played by Kate Winslet)moved to america, changed her name, and sometime later, began writing again. She is still alive, and writes many victorian murder/mystery novels, some of which are quite good. Her name? Anne Perry.

Wonderful movie...a few others you might like

Beautiful Thing..a story of two London lads, falling in love and coming out.

My beautiful Laundrette...Omar, the pakistani with a socialist father, and Johnny, the brit-punk presumed racist..share a past, meet again, and share a laundrette and future. Sweet movie here.

Lost and Delirious..a young Piper Perabo and Anne Hathaway fall in love in boarding school with distrastrous results for one.

Letterman's Top 10

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Letterman's Top 10 alternative titles for Brokeback Mountain Smiling

10. "Not-That-There's-Anything-Wrong-With-That Mountain"
9. "How The West Was Hung"
8. "Little Bathhouse on the Prairie"
7. "For a Few Dollars More We Can Make It a Threesome"
6. "Go West, Young Man...Now South..A Little More To The South... Oh God, Yes! Right There!"
5. "Clint Eastwood's Nightmare"
4. "The Good, The Bad and The Fabulous!"
3. "Broke My Back Mounting Him"
2. "Oklahomo"
1. "Fun With Dick In James"

 "...(not as bad as it

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"...(not as bad as it sounds but I'll admit it is a joke a lot of you probably won't get)"



I got it.   ;o)

Looking forward to Brokeback

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Looking forward to Brokeback Mountain as well (more due to this season seeming to be better than I've seen in a while and a lack of funds on my part)... I just hope there are no pudding scenes. (not as bad as it sounds but I'll admit it is a joke a lot of you probably won't get)


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Heavenly Creatures is indeed

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Heavenly Creatures is indeed a bizarre movie, and what's more, the girls (in real life) *were* besotted with Lanza. But I thought Jackson could have made much more out of the Mario fantasy scenes - he got him all wrong, with a waif-like, uncharismatic fellow miming to the great man's singing Sad

By the way, I can't wait for Brokeback Mountain either! I've been looking forward to it for years, and judging by its trailer, it's going to be a real tearjerker. And *sexy*, too!

Here ya go

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Oh, yes!, starring my lovely

Ross Elliot's picture

Oh, yes!, starring my lovely Kate. I swear, if reincarnation is possible I'm coming back as a lesbian Miss Winslet Smiling

Actually, I might be a

Ross Elliot's picture

Actually, I might be a lesbian. We do have similar tastes...

Murderous Lanza-loving Lesbians

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Heavenly Creatures was one of Peter Jackson's early, pre-superstar movies. Even then he was going mad with special effects. The two girls were definitely in love, with each other & with Mario Lanza, & murdered one of their mothers. As a Lanza-loving lesbian myself, what can I say, except beware of Linz? But you knew that already.

Lanza Southern Connection

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In this girl-girl household, if we are watching movies they are most likely regular, straight, indie films. We watch "The Birdcage" and "The Wizard of Oz" anytime they are on. We are much more likely to be watching hockey, though.

We do like to watch "The L-Word" and so does every other lesbian I know. Meghan loves "Six Feet Under" and I like it, too. I am really looking forward to seeing "Brokeback Mountain."

Recently I watched "Heavenly Creatures" which is a NZ movie with two girls who may or may not have been in love. It was a bizarre movie about a bizarre true story, but the funny thing to me was that they were in love with Mario Lanza.

Landon- not being a lesbian

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not being a lesbian myself, I'm positive that without proper research I'm going to be getting things wrong right and left.

I myself am a lesbian when the need arises, so I'll try and help you out. Eye

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