Wonderjock? What a crock.

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Thu, 2006-11-09 00:06

You'd really have to wonder at the psychological shortcomings of any man who would buy a pair of these:



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The wonderbra (TM) actually exisits

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Girls, woman and men, wear padded bra's all the time. There are bra's that are designed to push up tiny breasts to make them appear bigger, there are bra's that are thickly padded to give the impression of bigger tits.

No difference between them as far as eye can see.

We're Bigger than Aussies (where it matters)

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True Wonderjocks have no need for that product. Australian men must be small. Their shortcoming must be more than just psychological.

That's very true, Kenny.

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My paternal grandparents were from Carluke & my maternal from Orkney.

True Wonderjocks

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Are brilliant Scotsmen!!

Being a male chauv...

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I gotta say I'd wear them for a day. And when the pretty maids bend over their washing...

No, Chris, I...

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...didn't say that Smiling

A man has what he has, and if that needs to be embellished by a glorified *sock*, then more pity him.

Years ago I was in a pub, in the men's toilets. I was at the urinals. I guy came up and stood at the receptacle next to me and unzipped. Out popped the top of a white sports sock, followed by his averagely-sized manhood. He noticed that I had noticed. He just shrugged and said: Getting them home is the main thing. Besides, things feel bigger in the dark.


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Ah, so what you meant to say originally is that you don't need this particular product . . .

Spice Boy and the caped crusader "Wondercock"

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Thank you for the invite Ted, I do hope that your Royal Doulten is the expensive one, with the handpainted periwinkles?

Not really, Chris...

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...the only Wondercock in my life... is my own Cool


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Did you mean to say something else and slip an extra letter or something in there?

May I invite you, Sandi

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To one of my candle-light soirees, served upon my Royal Doulton china, should you perchance visit Manhattan? If you do, please do avoid brushing up against the walls.

And Ross, some men do have the misfortune of needing such accoutrements.


Eeeek - Why have I got a word association with Hyacinth Bouquet?

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"Ha Ha Ha, the Mercedes of jocks, with a swimming pool and room for a pony"
A tribute to dear Hyacinth Bouquet.

Perhaps we could scratch the word pony and insert "salami" instead.

One could refer to them as "tackle jocks" in celebration of a "tackle box", but that is generally associated with tiddlers. Not so manly.
But, on the other hand Manly is in Australia so that fixes everything.

One final note, a new Ocker saying; replacing the out moded "bugger me days", translated for our US buddies "I just don't believe it"

Remember, you heard it hear first,

"Well, stuff my jocks with a sock"

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