If not for the guys, then at least Summer will appreciate it!

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Submitted by Jody Gomez on Thu, 2005-12-15 03:50

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What a plane, what a beach, and what an ass in thongs! And no, this is not courtesy of photshop, this is short final(well, short, short final!) for runway 09 at St. Maarten.

For the aviation buffs, www.airliners.net has the largest collection of aviation photography I've come across.

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Don't forget those knee-high

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Don't forget those knee-high boots, Marnee...

Because there is always a breeze

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The ideal is

Miniskirt + G-String... Cool.

Just thought I'd throw it out there.

An oldie, but...

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Not a photo, of course, but nonetheless cute.   ;o)


"...Thongs? Cool! Cool? No

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"...Thongs? Cool! Cool? No way! Thongs are the pits. Gimme the hidden mystery of panties anyday :-)"

Couldn't agree more, Ross.  Dental floss isn't clothing, and if I want to go naked, I'll just go naked! ;o)


Very kewl pic, Jody!!   I

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Very kewl pic, Jody!!   I grew up very near Kennedy Airport and I used to watch planes take off and land all the time.  I also used to date a guy who had a boat docked in a marina on the canal in Howard Beach.  There were times when we'd be out on Jamaica Bay when the Concorde would either take off or land right over our heads.  Obviously, takeoffs were nearly painful (that thing was LOUD), but we'd watch it until it got out over the open ocean, go to full throttle and point the nose skyward.  Breathtaking sight!!


Yes, Jody, thongs (or

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Yes, Jody, thongs (or g-strings as we downunder call them) are the pits!! I dislike them with an intensity that belies my otherwise calm exterior. I am proudly & unashamedly pro-panty!

Long live the full brief! Long live that silky cradle of wonder! Long live that shapely garment that describes and delicately contains the twin globes of goodness!

"Thongs are the pits"?!?!?

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"Thongs are the pits"?!?!? You're banished Ross!


Plane? Cool!

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Plane? Cool!

Beach? Cool!

Thongs? Cool! Cool? No way! Thongs are the pits. Gimme the hidden mystery of panties anyday Smiling

Air France??? Not cool! J'agree!

Jody? Cool! Ditto.

Imagine if the fisherman snagged the landing gear!

gw-You got everything

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You got everything absolutely perfect, especially the bit about the fisherman! And the bit about airfrance. Notice their planes are painted white, which makes surrender easier.

Plane? Cool!Beach?

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Plane? Cool!

Beach? Cool!

Thongs? Cool!

Air France??? Not cool!

Jody? Cool!


P.S. - Nothing seems to disturb a true fisherman though!

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