Ralph Peters: Spare the killers & you deprive the populace of their human rights.

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Submitted by Ted Keer on Wed, 2006-11-15 22:42

Ralph Peters in today's 15 November NY Post:

"Our "humanity" is cowardice masquerading as morality. We're protecting self-appointed religious executioners with our emphasis on a "universal code of behavior" that only exists in our fantasies. By letting the thugs run the streets, we've abandoned the millions of Iraqis who really would prefer peaceful lives and a modicum of progress.

We're blind to the fundamental moral travesty in Iraq (and elsewhere): Spare the killers in the name of human rights, and you deprive the overwhelming majority of the population of their human rights. Instead of being proud of ourselves for our "moral superiority," we should be ashamed to the depths of our souls.

We're not really the enemy of the terrorists, militiamen and insurgents. We're their enablers. In the end, the future of Iraq will be determined by its people. The question is, which people?

Our naive version of wartime morality handed Iraq to the murderers. Will our excuse for a sectarian bloodbath be that we "behaved with restraint?"

Any code of ethics that squanders the lives of tens of thousands and the future of millions so we can "claim the moral high ground" is hypocrisy worthy of the Europeans who made excuses for the Holocaust."

Follow the link above to read his full article.

Ted Keer, 15 November, 2006, NYC

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Watch out for chisel-carrying nose-crackers!

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I have read Peter's speak of "moderating" cutthroatism. I rarely agree in full with any self identified objectivist, so find my differences with him unsurprising.

Given the bust Bill, I guess you are no iconoclast. Who's the subject? Watch out for chisel carrying nose-crackers!

Salve atque vale!



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I disagree with you on many things but at least we agree on the evil of Islam and the true nature of Mo.

Well, in no way mistake me

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Well, in no way mistake me for an advocate of the butcher and his cutthroat followers. But this essay was flawless.


I've lost repsect for Peters

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This has been covered on all the best anit-Jihad sites. Check out Spencer's Jihad Watch for example. But, in essence, Peters is very pro-Islam. He doesn't understand the evil of religion in general and Islam in particular. So he thinks that suggesting that Islam is a cause of terrorism is racist. He therefore is just as Dhimmified as most liberals. Which is a shame because occassionally he says some really KASS things about war.

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