A new 'Frank Lloyd Wright house' nears completion

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Thu, 2006-11-16 00:19

A new Frank Lloyd Wright building has almost been completed -- at least, there is controversy as to what extent it is still a Frank Lloyd Wright design.

The Massaro house, pictured left and above, was designed by Wright for a unique lakeside setting but never built -- until now. Anecdotal evidence suggested Wright thought it even better than Fallingwater, and the new and eager owner/builder, building from sketch plans developed by Wright, is now only weeks away from completion.

But controversy has erupted, with questions raised by Wright purists as to whether it can truly be called a Wright house ... Bloomberg has the story. Douglas Sanders and The Guardian have background to the story. Apple.Com has a trailer for a documentary on the house. And Graphisoft have a one-hour presentation on design, construction and documentation.

And of course, I did mention some of this before...

LINKS: Controversial Frank Lloyd Wright home rises; purists protest - Bloomberg.Com
Lake Mahopac house - Frank Lloyd Wright Newsblog (Douglas Sanders)
"Building Wright" - Apple.Com [film trailer]
Case Study: Massaro House - based on an original Frank Lloyd Wright design, ArchiCAD helps bring the project to life for the first time - Graphisoft
'This is his finest work' - Guardian

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If FLW thought it was even better than Fallingwater my remark stands.

I only came back to SOLOP after nearly two years for my previous post on this thread. I made a few others while I was here. I clicked on every link in the article and went to those that still worked and read everything; looked at all the pictures. This house appears to be a horizontal monstrosity. I'll go take a look at it in the next few years. Maybe seeing it will change my mind. 



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That remark is pure nihilism, Brant.

No it's not, it has a distinct smirk of supercilious self-congratulation in it. 



Right Wright

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This house from the pictures does not surpass Fallingwater. Goes to show that Wright himself didn't properly appreciate his greatest creation and never could come close to matching it.


I don't know how this

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I don't know how this thread made it to the menu on the left after over a year, but I'm glad it did.

This is the house I want to retire to.

Jennifer: did you get any more photos?


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OK Peter, as soon as I have a moment to do so, I'll get to the lakeside with a camera. Smiling

I agree that it will outshine the McMansion atrocities that are plaguing the area, so all in all its existence is a very good thing. Smiling


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Eager too.

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I'd be very eager to see it too. Smiling

As far as its attribution goes, I guess it's at least as much a Frank Lloyd Wright house as an original that has been seriously remodelled (as many of them have been, especially around kitchen areas), and more of one than a Frank Lloyd Wrigght design transplanted from a site it wasn't designed for - as one member of the Frank Loyd Wright Foundation has.

Certainly, Thomas Heinz (writer, and architect for this job) knows Wright, no question about that, but whether hew knows all the 'tricks' a Wright apprentice would, I just don't know. . From what I've seen and heard, the biggest and most obvious area of difference seems to be the finish of the stone walls, with the owner electing to use much more prominent rubble than the 'desert concrete' Wright might have used, and apparently not stone laid up in the manner of local outcropping as Wright had done at Fallingwater.

I guess what's missing in the end is the eye of the Master on those sort of details. Who knows what he might have picked up and altered as the work took shape once he'd seen it 'in the flesh.'

Still, even with all that, I'd bet it's still better than any other damn house with six counties. Smiling

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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Right nearby...

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Hey, this house is very near to where I am. I should go and take a peek. Smiling

Peter, what is your opinion on this being called an FLW design? I find the question very intriguing, as that label is almost accurate, but with so few original drawings, and the rest of the house being crafted based on other FLW works, it's more a conglomerate of FLW design and FLW-based inspiration. Nonetheless, I'm eager to see it.


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