The Age of Rand – Imagining an Objectivist Future World.

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Submitted by Marcus on Mon, 2006-11-20 21:49

By accident I stumbled upon these two items at once.

The first is a video clip from March this year of an interview on a Manhattan Libertarian TV programme called “Hardfire” with the author Frederick Cookinham about his book “The Age of Rand – Imagining an Objectivist Future World.” The author claims that there will be an “Age of Rand” 50-100 years from now.

The Age of Rand – Imagining an Objectivist Future World.

The second came up today in an article from the Times that claims “we are all Friedmen now.”

“Keynes died in 1946; the world of the next quarter century was a Keynesian world, which came to an end only in the 1970s. Marx, like Ricardo, had an influence that lasted for about a century; he died in 1883 and the Soviet system fell apart in 1989. There is no doubt about the influence of Friedman and the Chicago School on world policy, or, more particularly, on Britain. Although Margaret Thatcher was personally closer to Friedrich Hayek, Thatcherism itself was more of a Friedmanite than an Austrian policy.”

Milton is dead, but we are all Friedmen now.

So, I was wondering. What do people here think of the future for Objectivism and will there be a new "Age of Rand"?

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No, I don't think so...

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...nearly everything he said contradicts that label.

But, even if he were a fan of the Brandens, why should that influence my opinion of what he says in this interview?

Is Cookinham a Brandenite?

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Cookinham made regular references to the Brandens' and their books, notably PAR and Judgement Day. He certainly considered them to be accurate portrayals of Rand and her treatment of those who disagreed with her.

Overall, I found the interview rather basic and gossipy (partly the fault of the interviewer). It did not provide any substantial introduction to Objectivist philosophy.

Act I, Sc 2

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Didn't you know? The Age has already begun. What the hell do you think we are doing here, after all?

Ages aren't like the beginnings of plays; no curtain rises to announce their start.


That was good Marcus

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Thanks a bunch. I love hearing people discuss her ideas publicly - I just wish they were given more speaking space.

All I know ...

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... is that if the Age of Rand is imminent, it'll be very quiet. No one will be speaking to anyone. Smiling



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...I also thought it was a very good interview as a general introduction to Ayn Rand and Objectivism.

Good interview

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I very much enjoyed the interview, though the interviewer made me cringe when he, at the end, characterized Objectivism as Ayn Rand's "little or personal philosophy." In any case, the gentleman being interviewed spoke very well, and though he could have explained some things in greater detail, I suppose that wasn't really the place for it.

I hadn't heard about So, thanks!



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