Objectivists and non-objectivists

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Submitted by Piksmeat on Wed, 2006-11-22 14:40

Should Objectivists marry or date non-Objectivists?

Say you become an Objectivist after getting married. If your partner refuses to follow you should you seperate and/or get a divorce from your partner.

Can you be freinds or go into business with non-objectivists?

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Don't feed the trolls

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Troll's for dummies.

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You are right I had

You are right I had completely forgotten. We need a picture of a troll to change his user pic to so others with short troll memories won't get taken in. Perhaps it should be the default picture and maybe then people will change to a valid user picture sooner!


A LiveTurkey?

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I make it a policy NOT to hang out with Objectivists, unless they are discreet Smiling

What an absurd question! If they share your values and do not initiate force, what's the problem? Halitosis?


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never did get around to answering why "he" quoted Gary Merrill word for word, did "he".

"He" is a troll not to be trusted to ask questions or argue in good faith.

Silly me

Have you visited ARI?

Silly me for taking your question honestly.


Human relationships operate

Human relationships operate by the trader principle. This includes both economic and romantic relationships. When you go to the grocer and buy an apple you are trading a value (your productivity in the form of cash money) for a value (the apple). Relationships work the same way. If you value reason, honesty, integrity, passion, productivity you will begin to identify these things in people you are interested in for both friends and potential mates. These may or may not be people who even have an explicit philosophy.


Have you visited ARI?

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Have you visited ARI?


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... is not scientology.

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